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Having an awesome podcast shouldn't make you broke...

It’s time to start fast & effectively…

I’ve been podcasting for over 4 years, been downloaded over a million times and named top podcast to follow by INC Magazine and CIO Magazine. The Biggest thing that stopped me? There was TOO MUCH BAD INFORMATION about starting a podcast. I started listening to podcasts in 2011, it took me till early 2015 to start. I’ve found the MOST EFFECTIVE way to start and summed it up in a course that has: 8 modules containing 21 lessons to get you started fast!

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The "How to Start Podcasting Course"

People always laughed at my big goal to help the world“You’re just a small town guy, how could you ever do that?” I knew the “How” was podcasting, but it just sounded too hard and complicated. I had attempted to start many times since I had listed to my first show in 2011, but the lack of technical knowledge and even my own limiting beliefs stopped me every time.

Then, in early 2015 I launched a show, that flopped. It didn’t just flop, it crashed and burned and in 60 days it was done. To save my pride it didn’t crash that hard, I had less than 200 downloads in the 60 days it existed. 

Later that year I made a decision, I could do this, I would treat it like a professional and really have that impact where I would reach the world. I launched the 
Create Your Own Life Show later that year, and the difference was astounding.
Now, my show is listened to in 195 countries, been downloaded over 1 million times and been featured in places like INC Magazine and Forbes. I’ve gotten to speak to so many of my heroes, including: Grant Cardone, Seth Godin, Danica Patrick, Robin Sharma, Russell Brunson, Jen Sincero, Jim Tressel and over 500 other world-changers.
I created my world changing platform and this course will set you up in the position to do the same. You can reach a global level and having a podcast can help you to do that.

What's Inside?

  • Why Should You Be Podcasting?
  • Purpose and Show Name
  • How to Use iTunes
  • The Right Show Format
  • Publishing schedule + Episode Length
  • Your Show Covert Art
  • Constructing Your Studio
  • Set Up For In Person Interviews
  • Using Skype
  • Using Zoom
  • Using SquadCast
  • Conducting Interviews Via Phone
  • Scheduling Guests 
  • How to Use Adobe Audition
  • Creating Intros / Outros
  • Post Production 
  • Setting Up Hosting
  • Publishing an Episode
  • Setting Up Show Notes 
  • Submitting to iTunes
  • Syndicating Your Content
  • Running Your Podcast Like a Business
  • This is my insider secrets to having a top tier podcast that you won’t find anywhere else!

It’s taken me almost 4 years to become the go-to the podcast space. You don’t have to wait that long! This course sums it up into a step-by step process to get your started and have you inspiring your audience fast.

I’ve overcome all the stops, tech problems and slow downs. In this course, I’ll show you exactly how to record, edit and publish your show, as well as show you the exact tools and software that will make it easy for you!


What Are Students Saying?

What the Media is Saying About Jeremy


“Self-made marketer Jeremy Ryan Slate talks with a huge range of successful individuals to unpack what got them to the top, translating their insights so you can apply it to your own life.” 

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“Jeremy Slate, the host of the Create Your Own Life Podcast and founder of Command Your Brand Media, an agency that helps entrepreneurs get press coverage and exposure with pitching strategies that work.”


Why Did I Decide To Do This?

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I want to help entrepreneurs and brands build podcasts that save them time and money

My dream…

Is to help podcasters become bigger, more profitable and have a greater impact on the world, but in order to do that, I have to help new podcasters get all the basics in.

I know far too many brands are struggling to get started or even keep going, I’m here to make sure that not only do you not make major setback mistakes but get rid of whats slowing you down and remove what’s not making you money.

What did the perfect program have to look like?

  • I had to help entrepreneurs reach an already existing audience just waiting to hear from them as the expert.
  • There is going to be ABSOLUTELY NO HYPE! (No talk of how you’re going to make a million dollars tomorrow or any of the other crap I hear every day… (so annoying…)
  • It had to waste no time getting right into the content, no stories, no motivation, STRAIGHT UP STRATEGIES.
  • It had to be easy to follow for any entrepreneur in any industry.
  • It had to be SUPER affordable and easy to access over and over again.

Okay, I'm Sold... how much does it cost?

I’m making The Business of Podcasting Course, Bonuses AND access to the private facebook group for only $997.

PLUS if you get in on this course today, you will also receive the “Start a Podcast Course,” ($197 Value) so even if you don’t have a podcast, you can start the right way from day one.

So, not only will you have everything you need to start your podcast right, you will also have the “Business of Podcasting Course,” removing all your stops and barriers to growing a podcast, saving time and making money!
Best of all you get Instant Access to the “Business of Podcasting Course” through our secure membership area.
But, like I said… this is something that I passionately feel that EVERY SINGLE entrepreneur should know and so I’m giving it way for a measly $997. That’s less than you’ve paid for other courses you’ve probably never finished…
You should know that this low price of $997 is only an introductory offer for just you early bird members; I’m not sure how long we can keep it this low…
So don’t let this great deal pass you by.  I’m not sure how long I am going to keep the price at $997.  It’s taken me 4+ years to build the skills I share with you in this training.  Don’t be one of those people that wait till tomorrow to do what you can do today.  Let’s Grow, Systemize and Monetize your podcast TODAY!

Look, right now you are just one click away from getting your hands on the most tried and true program that can get any individual can use to start a podcast…

You get it all… the course, bonuses, a spot in our exclusive Private Facebook Mastermind Group.

Best of all, this system has a proven track record of over four years and plenty of raving fans to prove it. These fundamentals of starting a podcast right will set you up to crush it.

Plain and simple – The “The Business of Podcasting Course” works.

Stop wasting your time and effort trying to “wing it”. Order the “The Business of Podcasting Course” now our miss out on the new age of media.

Dedicated to your massive success,
Jeremy Ryan Slate
(212) 220-3953
PS…. Remember this is a proven system, you WILL get your podcast started quickly and effectively.  You owe it to yourself to try it out, join us and grow your success to new levels right now!  Click here to order now >>
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