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Aaron Letzeiser


Company Name: Obie

As co-founder and COO of our company, I came to Command Your Brand because we wanted to start growing Obie’s brand.

The best way to be able to do that in our segment really is to be of the podcast circuit.

Obie’s digital quoting platform and instant rate options make it the easiest and most transparent way in the market today for investors to obtain coverage.

We Supported Aaron…

Aaron Letzeiser, COO

Aaron Letzeiser is the Co-Founder & COO of Obie, a venture-backed insurance and risk management technology platform serving the 17 million real estate investors in the United States. Obie’s digital quoting platform and instant rate options make it the easiest and most transparent way in the market today for investors to obtain coverage.

We Booked 50+ Top Podcasts

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Multifamily AP360


The Real Estate Takeoff Podcast


Two Smart Assets


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Aaron Letzeiser - 58 Shows

ShowHost# of DOWNLOADS
1Command Your Brand PodcastJeremy Slate2,000
2InsurTechTalkGilad Shai2,100
3The Insurance BuzzMichael Weaver1,300
4The Voices of Risk ManagementKatie Crowe and Hunter Fausnacht4,000
5The Tech StackCameron Wenham2,100
6Passive Real Estate InvestingMarco Santarelli145,000
7The Real BuildBill Reiman2,000
8The Residual Real Estate Agent ShowJose Luiz Morales2,000
9MyFreedom Foundry PodcastPaul David Thompson2,000
10Proptech EspressoMark Hurst2,000
11The Insurance DudesCraig and Jason1,000
12The Insurance PodcastPete Tessier & Curt Wyatt2,200
13FinTech Focus TVToby Babb1,700
14Insurance Claims InnovationChris Tidball3,400
15Multifamily AP360Rama Krishna1,300
16REady2Scale - Real Estate InvestingEllie Perlman3,000
17Insurance TownHeath Shearon2,000
18Fintech ConfidentialTedd Huff2,300
19Real Estate Investing with the REI Mastermind NetworkJack Hoss1,300
20Legacy LeadersStan Miller & Katie Beth Hand1,000
21Free Life AgentsKobe Xin2,000
22A Passion For Real Estate InvestmentsFuquan Bilal2,000
23Deal Farm - A Real Estate Investing Communit‪y‬Ken Corsini5,000
24Creating Wealth Real EstateJason Hartman10,600
25KT Temple Real Estate InvestingKT2,300
26The Real Estate Takeoff PodcastShawn DiMartile and Mike Tighe4,000
27The Art of Real Estate InvestingJonathan Greene2,000
28Scale Up ShowRyan Staley1,200
29The Healthy Investor PodcastBob Mastroianni2,000
30Real Estate UndergroundEd Mathews2,000
31Think Bigger Real EstateJustin Stoddard2,400
32The On Purpose Investor PodcastEric and Tiffany Vogel2,000
33InsurTech AmplifiedMichael Waitze2,200
34The John Palponi ShowJohn Palponi1,000
35Hacking Real EstateNBrandon Hall & Vikas Gupta2,000
36Fintech CombineKris Kovacs4,000
37The DJE Podcast - Real Estate Investing with Devin ElderDevin Elder2,000
38Journey to Multifamily MillionsTim Little2,000
39The Passive Income BrothersTim Lyons2,000
40The Leadership in Insurance PodcastAlex Bond2,000
41Know Your Numbers REI with Chris McCormackChris McCormack2,000
42Bullet WealthScott Marek1,400
43The Real Estate Syndication ShowWhitney Sewell1,300
44Real Estate Investor MBATejas Gosai2,000
45InsurTech AmplifiedMichael Waitze2,200
46Wall St InvestingVlad2,000
47Real Estate EspressoVictor Menasce1,700
48Tech in Real EstateAriel Herrera2,000
49Profit First for Real Estate InvestorsDavid Richter2,000
50Know Your Numbers REI with Chris McCormackChris McCormack2,000
51The DJE Podcast - Real Estate Investing with Devin ElderDevin Elder2,000
52The Real World of Real EstateGerald Tostowaryk4,000
53Two Smart AssetsDaniel Nickels1,800
54Tech Entrepreneur on a MissionTon Dobbe2,000
55The MoneyPotRachel Morrissey, Roland Bodenham, Sanjib Kalita2,000
56The Mentor PodcastRon LeGrand1,000
57ElevateTyler Chesser1,100
58The Value Add Real Estate PodcastBrendan Chisholm2,000
Total Estimated Listenership Reach:270,900
Podcast Program Ad Rate Total Value($25/CPM*30Min)$203,175.00

“It (going on the right shows) really helped to drive a consistent message, getting a lot of that practice across, that would resonate with both the host as well as what their listeners would listen to. So we found it to be really really helpful in continuing to drive the overall growth and message of the company.”

Aaron Letzeiser

Co-Founder & COO, Obie

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