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Andy Neary


Company Name: Complete Game Consulting

“We went with Command Your Brand because one of the things we teach here, is we are marketing consultants , so we preach the value of exponential awareness, getting one message in front of a lot of people at one time…

And I have a podcast and I realize podcasting is a way to get my message out in front of a lot of people, but I don’t have the time to go seek those podcasts, so having somebody like Command Your Brand do the work behind the scenes , so that we could get on podcast to share our message and create that exponential awareness is something we definitely wanted to invest in.”

Combining the skills and talents he used to compete in professional baseball and Ironman, Andy’s on a mission to help business and insurance professionals succeed in their careers and in life. He helps insurance professionals target the right audiences at the right time. His programs help people cultivate the “off-field” habits, mindset, and rituals that lead to all-star performances.

We Supported the Founder

Complete Game Consulting, Founder

Andy Neary is a former Professional Baseball Player, a two-time Iron Man finisher, business coach, and founder of Complete Game Consulting.

He helps insurance professionals target the right audiences at the right time. His programs help people cultivate the “off-field” habits, mindset, and rituals that lead to all-star performances.

We Booked 25+ Top Podcasts

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The Digital Insurance Agent


The Friday Habit


Marketer of the Day


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Andy Neary | 25+ Shows

ShowHost# of DOWNLOADS
1Command Your Brand ShowJeremy Ryan Slate2,000
2Insurance TownHeath Shearon2,000
3The Super Human LifeFrank Rich2,000
4Agent's InfluenceJason Cass1,000
5The Insurance DudesCraig and Jason1,100
6ROAD TO GROWTH : Success as an EntrepreneurVinnie Enriquez2,000
7I Survived BusinessLucian Gutica1,000
8Business Growth PodTrey Elling2,000
910 Minute EntrepreneurSean Castrina2,000
10How To Ride A Roller CoasterDavid Ezell2,300
11The HERO ShowRichard Matthews2,000
12Marketing Umbrella PodcastKevin Prewett2,900
13The Profit AcceleratorDawn Kennedy2,000
14ECommerce Marketing PodArlen Robinson2,000
15Hey Human PodcastSusan Ruth4,000
16The Digital Insurance AgentCarl Willis1,900
17Marketer of the DayRobert Plank1,400
18The Insurance Dream PodcastAbe Boling2,200
19Agency Freedom PodcastJames Jenkins2,000
20Built For MoreLane Taylor2,000
21Win Make GiveBen Kinney1,000
22Unconventional WealthDan Nicholson1,000
23Systems SimplifiedAdi Klevit1,400
24The Insurance BuzzMichael and Courtney Weaver1,300
25Changing the Sales GameConnie Whitman2,000
26Your Brand AmplifiedAnika Jackson2,000
27The Profit AcceleratorDawn Kennedy2,000
28The Friday HabitMark Labriola II & Benjamin Manley2,000
Total Estimated Listenership Reach:50,500
Podcast Program Ad Rate Total Value($25/CPM*30Min)$37,875.00

“Podcast is that form of listening, so if your message isn’t being spread through the ears today, you are missing a huge opportunity.

Instead of trying to go on your own and prospecting podcast, why not hire a service like Command Your Brand, who knows how to do it already – they already got the formula and let them do the work for you!”

Andy Neary

Founder, Complete Game Consulting

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