optimized podcasts

Why 'Optimized Podcasts'?

The Old Way

In an age where multimedia reigns supreme, podcasting is undergoing a radical transformation. While audio podcasts once dominated the airwaves, the game is now about holistic presentation, reaching and engaging audiences visually as much as auditorily. Today’s listeners don’t just want to hear – they want to see, interact, and be a part of the conversation.

The New Way

There was a time when a microphone and an idea were all you
needed. Now, with a deluge of content available at our fingertips,
standing out requires a more integrated approach. Enter “Optimized Podcasts”. By leveraging the power of YouTube, backed by the right thumbnails, titles, descriptions, and tags, your podcast isn’t just heard; it’s seen, clicked on, and subscribed to.

The reality of 2023? An audio-only podcast might be a voice in the
wilderness. But an optimized podcast? That’s a beacon for all to see and hear.

What Gets a Show

There are two things that matter
to a show getting found:

We’ll advise on Number 1 & We’ll do Number 2 for you!


Channels Audit

  • Audio Show Cover Redesign & Syndication
  • Banner Redesign, for YouTube and Rumble
  • SEO Rich Description for YouTube and Rumble
  • Improving Channel Layout with Playlists
  • Adding YouTube Logo Subscribe to All Videos
  • Creating Boilerplate for the End of All Video Descriptions

Show Trailer

Training Videos + Technology Recommendations

Launch Interview


Riverside FM

Three-Camera Edit

ASSETS for Each Episode

Full Episode + Thumbnail

6-8 Min. Segment + Thumbnail

2, Shorts / Reels + Thumbnails

Review Process


Getting Found On Youtube

We Score & Improve


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Two Shows Per Month


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