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Rachel Gainsbrugh


Company Name: short term gems

Rachel was born in Haiti with a drive to make a difference and not take her parents’ sacrifices for granted.  She was raised in Miami, worked hard, became a doctor, and was left with over $500K in student loans.  


So, she grinded hard to pay off her loans.  When she found AirBNB investing, it became a game-changer for her where she was able to make 15X on short-term real estate rentals over long-term rentals.


Now, she’s a healthcare professional by day and a rental investor by night.  She’s the owner and manager of 18 luxury short-term rentals with a lucrative cash-flowing rental portfolio, mom, wife, and real estate coach that was recently featured on a Netflix TV show showcasing one of her luxury rentals.

Rachel is passionate about helping professionals create a life they don’t need a vacation from through AirBNB investing.

We Booked Top-Tier Podcasts

We Adi on many shows that she dreamed of…

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Talking Points


What’s The Value


Rachel Gainsbrugh - 27 SHOWS

Show Host Est Reach
1   Command Your Brand Show Jeremy Slate 2,000
2   Ready Investor One Paul David Thompson 2,000
3   Just Start Real Estate Mike Simmons 3,000
4   Creating Wealth through Passive Apartment Investing Rama Krishna 1,400
5   The Worthy Physician Podcast Dr. Sapna Shah-Haque 2,100
6   Rental Property Owner & Real Estate Investor Podcast Brian Hamrick 8,000
7   Old Dawg's REI Network Bill M 5,000
8   Creating Wealth Real Estate Jason Hartman 9,400
9   Passive Wealth Strategy Show - Real Estate for Busy Pros Taylor Loht 1,100
10   Escape From The Burnout Society Gabriela Guzman Sanabria 3,400
11   Living Off Rentals Kirby Atwell 2,000
12   DocWorking Jen Barna MD 1,200
13   Real Estate Investing Through Cash Flow Kevin Bupp 14,300
14   Real Estate Investing with the REI Mastermind Network Jack Hoss 1,300
15   The Level Up REI Podcast Lisa Hylton 2,000
16   Your Health Transformed Franchell Hamilton 2,800
17   Everyone's Talkin' Money Shannah Game 21,900
18   The Money Nerds Podcast Whitney Hansen 11,600
19   Time Out With The Sports Dr. Podcast Dr. Derrick Burgess 2,000
20   The DreamNation Podcast Casanova Brooks 2,800
21   Investing in the US Reed Goossens 4,000
22   Real Estate Investing for Women Moneeka Sawyer 1,000
23   Let's Talk Real Estate Investing Sharon Vornholt 3,000
24   Tamra Simons- LIVE The Real Estate Power Chat Tamra Simons 2,000
25   Ask A House Cleaner Angela Brown 2,000
26   Icons of Real Estate Podcast Tomas Fonseca 857
27   Short Term Rental Secrets Michael Sjogren 2,000
Podcast Program Est. Total Reach 114,157
Podcast Program Ad Rate Total Value($25/CPM*30Min) $85,617.00

Rachel is passionate about helping professionals create a life they don’t need a vacation from through AirBNB investing.

Rachel Gainsbrugh

Founder, short term gems

Analyzing Our Results…

Our goal was to get Adi next to top influencers as the positioning for her program was to build her influence personally as well as increase the exposure of Teami Blends.

We got her booked on many high visibility shows as for her the quality of show and the quality of the influencer that she was spending time with was vital to brand growth. 

We connected her with awesome influencers like Elena Cardone, Brad Lea, Sunny Lenarduzzi and Chalene Jonnson; vital to her branding and the company branding.

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Tim Alison, Screw the Naysayers Podcast Podcaster

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Lance Essihos, Ignite: Podcasting with Purpose Podcaster, Podcast Production Company

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Kimi and Pua, Boss Up Media Podcasters, Digital Marketing

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Dr. Ann Barter, Alternative Family Medicine Functional Medicine

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Grant Wise, Modern Moguls Marketing Real Estate

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Courney Lebedzinski, Wholesome Houses Real Estate / Holistic Health

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