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Shawn Khorrami


Company Name: ePlaybooks

Shawn is a serial entrepreneur, having started and managed more than a dozen businesses, up to $100 million in revenue, involving products and services across a wide range of verticals. In the process, he has managed thousands of employees servicing tens of thousands of customers, large and small, from consumers to small to medium-sized businesses and even governmental entities. He has formal education and extensive hands-on experience in business operations, strategies and planning, marketing, sales, finance, legal, and human resources. 

Shawn has obtained university diplomas in mathematics, economics, and computers, and earned a law degree.

We Booked Top-Tier Podcasts

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Shawn Khorrami - 30 SHOWS

ShowHostEst Reach
1   Command Your Brand ShowJeremy Slate2,000
2   Lead. Love. Building Better BusinessesSteve Eschbach2,000
3   The Business Equation PodcastNick Bogacz1,000
4   The Business Credit and Financing ShowTy Crandallt1,400
5   Expert Authority EffectMario Fachini850
6   10 Minute EntrepreneurSean Castrina7,700
7   Scaling Up Business PodcastBill Gallagher2,300
8   School for Startups RadioJim Beach500
9   FMorning Fire for EntrepreneursJeff Wickersham500
10   The Friday HabitMark Labriola II & Benjamin Manley2,000
11   Choose UnstoppableKerri Macaulay1,000
12   Build a Business Success SecretsBrandon C. White850
13   Misfit EntrepreneurDave Lukas3,000
14   Business BrosHernan Sias500
15   Business Mastermind PodcastGavin PrestonNA
16   The Poised InvestorDerick AmoakoNA
17   Entrepreneur JourneyDoug Greathouse2,000
18   The Accidental EntrepreneurMitch Beinhacker1,700
19   The Entrepreneur WayNeil Ball2,900
20   The Answer is YesJim Riley1,700
21   Interviews with EntrepreneursRJ Ahmed2,600
22   Success For Life PodcastDavid Schuman2,000
23   Building a Successful CareerMark Sclaire2,000
24   Brand Doctor PodcastHenry Kaminski Jr2,900
25   The Small Small Business PodcastAnnie Tutt2,000
26   The Small Business with Lori Brooks ShowLori Brooks1,900
27   Just Minding My BusinessIda Crawford & Ruth Haskins2,000
28   Absolute Business MindsetMark Hayward1,200
29   Entrepreneur's EnigmaSeth Goldstein1,800
30   Leadership LIVE @ 8:05! Podcast - Talking Small BusinessAndrew Frazier2,000
Podcast Program Est. Total Reach54,300
Podcast Program Ad Rate Total Value($25/CPM*30Min)$40,087.00

Shawn is a serial entrepreneur, having started and managed more than a dozen businesses, up to $100 million in revenue, involving products and services across a wide range of verticals.

Shawn Khorrami

CEO, ePlaybooks

Analyzing Our Results…

Our goal was to get Adi next to top influencers as the positioning for her program was to build her influence personally as well as increase the exposure of Teami Blends.

We got her booked on many high visibility shows as for her the quality of show and the quality of the influencer that she was spending time with was vital to brand growth. 

We connected her with awesome influencers like Elena Cardone, Brad Lea, Sunny Lenarduzzi and Chalene Jonnson; vital to her branding and the company branding.

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Kimi and Pua, Boss Up Media Podcasters, Digital Marketing

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Dr. Ann Barter, Alternative Family Medicine Functional Medicine

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Courney Lebedzinski, Wholesome Houses Real Estate / Holistic Health

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