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Podcasts Are The Place For Your Story

All the big influencers in your industry are jumping on podcast shows and
there’s a good reason for it…

Here are the Top Reasons Why

Highly Targeted

Podcasts are categorized and usually consist of a clearly defined focused audience.

Evergreen Content

With traditional marketing once your ad spend is depleted your leads dry up. With podcast shows you can get leads for years to come. Gotta love evergreen content!

Power of Storytelling

Podcasts are the best platform to share your story and message with a highly engaged audience.

Consumable On The Go

People can’t watch videos or read articles while driving, running etc

People Buy from People

People don’t connect to ad banners or promotional content. They connect with real people

High Level of Engagement

People who listen to podcasts are highly engaged and focused on listening to what is being said. You literally have the audience in the palm of your hand.

So what are you waiting for? Jump on the podcast train and get YOUR story out there!


Each week, more Americans listen to podcasts than have Netflix accounts…


Phase 1

podcast guest strategy intake

Sharing with us what you have to offer as a valuable podcast guest so we can help align your goals with the podcasts.


During your first call, you will receive the our formula for doing a valuable interview every time!

Phase 2
Phase 3


During this call, you will approve your custom bio & talking points for your podcast campaign.


You will be interviewed for the Command Your Brand Podcast & receive interview feedback on applying our formula.

Phase 4
Phase 8


Throughout your program, we are monitoring the reach of your campaign & upon completion, you will receive your Podcast Value Analysis for your total program!


Now you are ready to go on podcasts as an expert guest & appear on the top performing shows for your brand!

Phase 7
Phase 6


During this phase, we personalize your outreach campaign for maximum exposure.


On this call, we will go over the logistics of podcast interviews & your custom curated podcast show list.

Phase 5





Jeremy Ryan Slate is the host of the Create Your Own Life Podcast, which studies the highest performers in the world. He studied literature at Oxford University, as well as holding a Master’s in Early Roman Empire Propaganda from Seton Hall University. His podcast was named the #1 Podcast to Listen To by INC Magazine in 2019, as well as Top 40 Under 40 by Podcast Magazine in 2013 Jeremy and his wife. Brielle, co-founded Command Your Brand-a new media public relations agency designed to help entrepreneurs share their message by appearing as guests on podcasts. He resides in Stillwater, NJ and is a former competitive powerlifter.



The day after she was born she was on the front page of the newspaper being in media is her destiny. As the co-founder of Command Your Brand, she does not take lightly the responsibility of the power of the mic. She helps extraordinary founders and CEOs who are trying to help the world and better mankind by placing them on the correct line of communication to create a global effect.

She holds a BA of Communications with a concentration in Public Relations, has worked in PR for over 15 years by placing clients on top print and television, but believes traditional media is dead. As a pioneer in the field of Podcast PR, she’s helped place clients on 5,500+ podcasts She’s а mother, wife, Jersey girl, entrepreneur, world traveler, puppy, pig and chicken mama. Her favorite podcast is BussinessWISE.

The Gladiators - Podcast PR Team

Rebecca Shumel Profile

Rebecca Shumel

Director of Client Strategy & Publicist, Brooklyn, New York

Our Team

Clarisse Gomez

PR Assistant, Manila, Philippines

Madeline Mecca

PR Account Coordinator, Tampa, FL


Junnie Rodriguez

Onboarding Specialist & Executive Assistant, Manila, Philippines


Junnie Rodriguez

Onboarding Specialist & Executive Assistant, Manila, Philippines

Sales Team

Jennifer Parese

Director of Sales, Old Bridge, New Jersey


Josh Silvestro

Business Development Representative, New York City, New York


Rowee Reyes

Public Outreach Coordinator, Manila, Philippines

Marketing Team


Teng Acenas

Director of Marketing, Manila, Philippines

Podcast Client


Video Producer, Davao, Philippines



Loree Acenas

Director of Treasury, Manila, Philippines

Executive Council

Philip Takacs Esq

Philip J. Takacs


Our Results

Though we focus on many different verticals, this deck will show you what we have done in the business niche and some of the campaigns we have run in it.

Here’s what the business niche looks like for us:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Motivation
  • Investing
  • Management (HR, C-Suite)
  • Marketing (SEO, Social Media)
  • Real Estate
  • Thought Leadership (Author)

The following are actual campaigns run by Command Your Brand, including total reach and value in comparison to ad rates.

Phillip Stutts - 24 SHOWS

Show Host Est Reach
1 Onward Nation Stephen Wossner 1000
2 Growth Now Movement Justin Schenck 1000
3 Art of Charm AJ 265000
4 Leaders in the Trenches Gene Hammett 2000
5 Concsious Millionaire JV Crum 3000
6 Self Made Man Mike Dillard 10000
7 Bacon Wrapped Business Brad Costanzo 3000
8 Growth Experts Dennis Brown 2300
9 Success Profiles Brian Wright 4000
10 Real Marketing Real Fast Doug Morneau 1000
11 The Real Brad Lea is Dropping Bombs Brad Lea 8500
12 No Quit Living Chris Wirth 1000
13 Online Marketing Strategies Podcast Show Phil Adair 1000
14 Leadership & Loyalty Podcast Dov Baron 3000
15 Build Your Network Travis Chappell 20400
16 Business Owners Radio Craig Moen & Shye Gilad 6000
17 Everyone Hates Marketers Louis Grenier 9000
18 Leadership Happy Hour Chip Lutz, CSP 6100
19 Thrivetime Show | Business School without the BS Clay Clark 96500
20 Purpose Driven Entrepreneur Matt Brauning 15000
21 Donnie's Success Stories Donnie Boivin 1100
22 Growth Mindset University Jordan Paris 1000
23 Entrepreneur Hour Chris Harris 1000
24 Ace Weekly Andrew Evans 7100
25 Join Up Dots David Ralph 1700
Podcast Program Est. Total Reach 470,700
Podcast Program Ad Rate Total Value($25/CPM*30Min) $353,025

Grant Wise - 16 SHOWS

Show Host Est. Reach
1 Super Agents Live Toby 1000
2 Real Estate Rockstars 9600
3 Real Estate Uncensored 6400
4 Best Real Estate Advice Ever 8700
5 The Sales Evangelist 1000
6 The Power of Great 1000
7 GSD Mode 2300
8 Accelerate Andy Paul 1000
9 Investing in the US Reed Goossens 4000
10 The Boom Real Estate Podcast Megan Ferriss 3000
11 Simple Wholesaling Brett and Jaren 1000
12 REI Diamonds Dan Breslin 1000
13 Real Estate Investor Summit Podcast Mitch Stephen 4300
14 Real Estate Realities Robert Whitelaw 7500
15 Secrets to Real Estate Investing Show Holly McKhann 1000
16 Epic Real Estate Investing Matt Thirault 58600
17 The Art of Passive Income Mark Podolsky 3500
Podcast Program Est. Total Reach- 114,900
Podcast Program Ad Rate Total Value($25/CPM*30Min) $86,175

Scott Whiteford 14 SHOWS

Show Host Est Reach
1   Command Your Brand Show Jeremy Slate 2,000
2   WIL Talk Vicki Bradley 2,000
3   Lead At Work and At Home Mark Greenburg 1,000
4   Lead. Speak. Grow. Podcast Dr. Maquisha Mullins 2,000
5   Quirky HR Dana Dowdell 1,000
6   Talk Talent To Me Rob Stevenson 1,700
7   Impact Driven Leader Podcast Tyler Dickerhoof 2,000
8   The Working Experience John Brancaccio & Matt Kerr 2500
9   The Modern Manager/td> Mamie Kanfer Stewart 7,000
10   Lead Your Life Debbie Heiser 1,000
11   Come Rain or Shine Dan Cockerell 3,000
12   Win Make Give Chad Hyams 1,000
13   Be Real Show Travis Huff 1300
14   Office Hours David Meltzer 1,000
Podcast Program Est. Total Reach 26,500
Podcast Program Ad Rate Total Value($25/CPM*30Min) $19,875.00

Rachel Gainsbrugh - 27 SHOWS

Show Host Est Reach
1   Command Your Brand Show Jeremy Slate 2,000
2   Ready Investor One Paul David Thompson 2,000
3   Just Start Real Estate Mike Simmons 3,000
4   Creating Wealth through Passive Apartment Investing Rama Krishna 1,400
5   The Worthy Physician Podcast Dr. Sapna Shah-Haque 2,100
6   Rental Property Owner & Real Estate Investor Podcast Brian Hamrick 8,000
7   Old Dawg's REI Network Bill M 5,000
8   Creating Wealth Real Estate Jason Hartman 9,400
9   Passive Wealth Strategy Show - Real Estate for Busy Pros Taylor Loht 1,100
10   Escape From The Burnout Society Gabriela Guzman Sanabria 3,400
11   Living Off Rentals Kirby Atwell 2,000
12   DocWorking Jen Barna MD 1,200
13   Real Estate Investing Through Cash Flow Kevin Bupp 14,300
14   Real Estate Investing with the REI Mastermind Network Jack Hoss 1,300
15   The Level Up REI Podcast Lisa Hylton 2,000
16   Your Health Transformed Franchell Hamilton 2,800
17   Everyone's Talkin' Money Shannah Game 21,900
18   The Money Nerds Podcast Whitney Hansen 11,600
19   Time Out With The Sports Dr. Podcast Dr. Derrick Burgess 2,000
20   The DreamNation Podcast Casanova Brooks 2,800
21   Investing in the US Reed Goossens 4,000
22   Real Estate Investing for Women Moneeka Sawyer 1,000
23   Let's Talk Real Estate Investing Sharon Vornholt 3,000
24   Tamra Simons- LIVE The Real Estate Power Chat Tamra Simons 2,000
25   Ask A House Cleaner Angela Brown 2,000
26   Icons of Real Estate Podcast Tomas Fonseca 857
27   Short Term Rental Secrets Michael Sjogren 2,000
Podcast Program Est. Total Reach 114,157
Podcast Program Ad Rate Total Value($25/CPM*30Min) $85,617.00
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Grant Wise, Modern Moguls Marketing Real Estate

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Courney Lebedzinski, Wholesome Houses Real Estate / Holistic Health

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Tim Alison, Screw the Naysayers Podcast Podcaster

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Lance Essihos, Ignite: Podcasting with Purpose Podcaster, Podcast Production Company

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Kimi and Pua, Boss Up Media Podcasters, Digital Marketing

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Dr. Ann Barter, Alternative Family Medicine Functional Medicine


MYTH 2:  Only go on big podcasts.

TRUTH: Niching is way more valuable because you can select the exact type of audience you want to be in front of, creating better ROI.

The bottom line: Radio doesn’t know who’s listening. Podcasts know exactly who is listening, and those numbers are tracked in public charts.

Don’t let the lie confuse you. Get on podcasts and grow. Want to change the playing field?

The team at Command Your Brand can help you do that, book a call below to see how.

What’s The Value?

Traditional Media (Radio) PR:

Podcast PR:

How We’re Different...


In traditional PR, you pay a monthly fee for work; a retainer. While you may pay monthly for CYB to fit you budget, it’s NOT a retainer. You’re paying for a program not just a number of bookings. That program includes the winning guest formula for podcast success, a media kit, media one sheet, marketing training course and a guaranteed number of placements. We always over deliver on the number of placements we promise, so don’t stress.

Minimum Reach

We’ve spent years building, systems and finding the right softwares that we’re able to guarantee a minimum reach of 1,000 downloads per episode. While many shows we’ve booked for clients do 10 or 100 times that, we make sure its the best use of your time.

Podcast Power

The clients that really win with our service understand it’s not just about the shows that you’re on. Each host you are connected with is an influencer in their own right; those connections can create joint ventures, speaking opportunities and even unexpected friendships. They also realize the power of how to use the content they’re creating to strengthen what they’re doing. In addition, they realize the more shows they’re on, the better their impact.


Apply Now to See How We Can Help!

Book a 30 minute below and find out from one of our experts how we can help you to get the results you’ve been looking for by appearing on top rated podcasts. The Below form will help us get you scheduled with the right expert on our team.

6 Month Campaign

12 Podcast Placements, Estimated 7 Months, Including Setup Month
(Min. 1,000 Downloads Per Episode)


Campaign Setup : $2,750
Per Month (6): $1,400

Total $11,150


Total $10,000

*Paid via Wire or ACH. Credit Cards are allowed for monthly, not Paid-in-Full as we’re passing the merchant processing savings to you.

12 Month Campaign

24 Podcast Placements, Estimated 13 Months, Including Setup Month
(Min. 1,000 Downloads Per Episode)


Campaign Setup : $2,750
Per Month (12): $1,200

TOTAL $17,150


TOTAL $15,500

*Paid via Wire or ACH. Credit Cards are allowed for monthly, not Paid-in-Full as we’re passing the merchant processing savings to you.

Notes About Pricing


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