At Command Your Brand, our LEGENDS Program is synonymous with excellence. We set an unparalleled standard, inviting only the most distinguished brands to join. This program is only for select applicants in comparison with our ELITE Program. While many may be a fit for our ELITE Program, only a select few will be a fit for LEGENDS. The investment made and the caliber required are higher so we can actually create the level of program desired.

Here’s what it takes to be part of this LEGENDS circle:

  • Established Influence Your brand is not just known; it’s respected. We look for leaders who have carved a niche and are recognized as influencers in their field.

  • Compelling Narratives: Your story isn’t just told; it captivates. We seek brands with unique, compelling narratives that can inspire and engage elite podcast audiences.

  • Commitment to Quality: Excellence is your baseline, not your goal. Brands that qualify for “Legends” demonstrate an unwavering commitment to quality in every aspect of their business.

  • Visionary Leadership: You don’t just follow trends; you set them. Our program is designed for thought leaders who are shaping the future of their industries.

WYLIE MCGRAW, Performance Accelerator to the Elite

Working with Jeremy and his team at CYB has been nothing short of exceptional. A relationship-oriented, standards-driven company that goes above and beyond for their clients, not only have they exceeded my expectations, but their relentless commitment to ensuring ideal media placements for their clients easily surpasses the industry standard. Worth the time, energy, and money; this is THE agency to deal with for your needs in today’s new-media market.”



I can say Jeremy Slate and his entire team definitely delivered. I was featured on some of my favorite all-time favorite podcasts, and I would definitely recommend them.”


Freedom to Express Your Views

“Truly, Podcasts are the last bastion of free speech.”

Adam Curry, The "Pod Father," Podcast Inventor

Apply to be a LEGEND

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