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The Video Podcaster's Edge

How to Grow, Monetize & Interview Celebrities

Ready to GROW, SYSTEMIZE and MONETIZE your podcast? Then you’re ready for the Business of Podcasting Course. It’s not ok that your podcast should cost you time and money. This course will help you to monetize and to grow your business; through the power of podcasting!

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Guesting Goldmine

Get Booked on Top Podcasts as an Expert Guest

This program shows you proven top podcast booking strategies from having booked clients on 6,000+ top shows, marketing programs that yielded clients millions of dollars in revenue, the secrets on how to become seen as THE EXPERT in your space and a real game plan to follow to reach your dream market.


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Perfect Podcast Guest Course

How to Make Your Podcast Appearances Work For You

Do you know the right way to show up on a podcast? You may have a team doing bookings for you, but do you know how to show us so that you rock the mic each and every time? The Perfect Podcast Guest Course teaches you everything you need to know not only to be the perfect guest but rock the mic every time.

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