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Tony Bradshaw


Book: The Millionaire Choice

Tony Bradshaw believes there should only be 2 types of people in the world: millionaires and future millionaires.  He helps move his future millionaires from a scarcity to abundance mindset and lifestyle.  

Tony grew up in a lower-income neighborhood in Nashville, TN, and in his early 20’s, he realized he was mis-managing his money and knew something needed to change. That’s when he set out to learn how to handle money better.  After learning how to handle money at age 25, Tony made his millionaire choice and created his millionaire plan. He accomplished his goal of becoming a millionaire by age 40.  Now he’s helping everyone he can make the choice and create their own millionaire plan. 

Tony also has years of financial experience by running business development for Dave Ramsey.  When he’s not building future millionaires, he enjoys spending time with his wife, 6 kids and relaxing with his backyard chickens.

We Booked Top-Tier Podcasts

We Adi on many shows that she dreamed of…

Talking Points


What’s The Value


Tony Bradshaw - 32 SHOWS

Show Host Est Reach
1   Command Your Brand Show Jeremy Slate 2,000
2   Financial Freedom Podcast Steven J. Richardson 4,000
3   PowerPassionProsperity Podcast Dr. Jay 1,000
4   Earn & Invest DocGt 3,000
5   Rock Your Money, Rock Your Life Rock Thomas 2,100
6   Stocks for Beginners Philip Muscatello 1,500
7   The Wealth Show Tumisho Ramodisa & Siyabonga Chuma 2,600
8   Wealth Matters Alpesh Parmart 1,100
9   Wealth Science Jesse Futia 2,000
10   Financial Focus John and Brent 1,300
11   Financially Independent Teachers Dave Fleischer 2,000
12   Escape From The Crypto Centz Podcast Carlton Owens 1,300
13   The WEInvested Podcast Wesley Earp 7,000
14   Average Joe Finances Mike Cavaggioni 2,000
15   The Afterword Holland Webb & Amy Bowlin 32,200
16   CFO at Home Vince Carter 2,000
17   My Personal Finance PodCat Catherine Tan 3,200
18   Making Bank Josh Felber 8,000
19   Wealth Watchers Justin and Adam 1,100
20   The Heart of Money Austin Black & Bob Wessler 2,000
21   Hardcore Finance Shimon Lazarov & Alex Chizhik 1,700
22   The Winners' Ways Podcast Bola Alabi 4,000
23   Walk 2 Wealth John Mendez 2,000
24   Money Making Sense Heather Kelly 3,000
25   R.E.A.L. Money Talk Jordan Pendleton 1,100
26   Money Vision U Stuart Berryhill 2,000
27   The Best of Investing Edward Brown 2,000
28   The Healthy Happy Human Podcast Paul Levitin 3,000
29   The Healthy Investor Podcast Bob Mastroianni 2,000
30   Financial Dads Paul Fagan 2,000
31   Money Seed Podcast Kris Ferguson & Gabor Sztvorecz 1,500
32   The Passive 25K Podcast Kyle Reedstrom 4,000
Podcast Program Est. Total Reach 106,700
Podcast Program Ad Rate Total Value($25/CPM*30Min) $80,025.00

Tony Bradshaw believes there should only be 2 types of people in the world: millionaires and future millionaires. 

Tony Bradshaw

Writer, The Millionaire Choice

Analyzing Our Results…

Our goal was to get Adi next to top influencers as the positioning for her program was to build her influence personally as well as increase the exposure of Teami Blends.

We got her booked on many high visibility shows as for her the quality of show and the quality of the influencer that she was spending time with was vital to brand growth. 

We connected her with awesome influencers like Elena Cardone, Brad Lea, Sunny Lenarduzzi and Chalene Jonnson; vital to her branding and the company branding.

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Tim Alison, Screw the Naysayers Podcast Podcaster

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Lance Essihos, Ignite: Podcasting with Purpose Podcaster, Podcast Production Company

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Kimi and Pua, Boss Up Media Podcasters, Digital Marketing

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Dr. Ann Barter, Alternative Family Medicine Functional Medicine

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Grant Wise, Modern Moguls Marketing Real Estate

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Courney Lebedzinski, Wholesome Houses Real Estate / Holistic Health

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