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Christopher Lee Maher


Company Name: True Body Intelligence®

Christopher Maher is a former US Navy SEAL who endured intense physical, mental, and emotional stress as a US Navy SEAL and child. By combining a “seal team mindset” with modern stress resolution strategies, Christopher taught himself to free his body, mind, and emotions from pain, tension, and emotional distortion by developing subtractive tools for eliminating unresolved stress, tension, and emotional distortion.

Christopher studied Traditional Chinese Medical Practices at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and at Yo San University before continuing his studies at The Universal Healing Tao System. 

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Christopher Lee Maher - 57 SHOWS

Show Host Est Reach
1   Command Your Brand Show Jeremy Slate 2,000
2   Lead. Love. Profit. Play. Mike Kitko 2,000
3   Happified Susi Vine 2,000
4   The Fatherhood Experience Jason Priest 2,000
5   The Evolved Caveman Dr. John Schinnerer 2,000
6   Less Stressed Life Christa Biegler 5,700
7   STRESSD Podcast Julia Arndt 3,000
8   The Bright Side of Life (Mental Health, Self Care Melissa Bright 2000
9   Fix Your Sciatica Podcast Dr. Ashley Mak 2,100
10   Human Powered Life Dr. Josh Handt 2,000
11   Habits & Health Tony Winyard 3,000
12   Escape From The Burnout Society Gabriela Guzman Sanabria 3,400
13   The Eanna McNamara Podcast Eanna McNamara 2,700
14   Forgive and Thrive Rossana D 2,000
15   Modern Aging Risa Morimoto 1,000
16   Your Lifestyle Is Your Medicine Ed Paget 4,000
17   The Jōrni Podcast Petra Brunnbauer 1,700
18   Balance Your Life Meghan Pherrill 4,000
19   Thyroid Answers Podcast Dr Eric Balcavage 2,000
20   Fascination Street Steve Owens 2,000
21   The Healer Hub Anca Stefania Iorgulescu 2,000
22   Wellness and Wanderlust Valerie Moses 2,000
23   The Trust Your Gut Podcast Dr. Rodney White 2,000
24   Randy Wilson Podcast Randy Wilson 2,800
25   Reshape Your Health with Dr. Morgan Nolte Morgan Nolte, PT, DPT 3,000
26   Medicine Redefined Darshan Shah, DO & Altamash Raja, DO, CSCS 2,000
27   Renegade Nutrition Elanie Welch 2,000
28   The Healthy Happy Human Podcast Paul Levitin 3,000
29   Master Mind, Body and Spirit Matt Belair 7,700
30   NOURISH Kasia 4,000
31   Carl Gould Collective Carl Gould 4,000
32   Common Sense Living Ann LeMaster 4,000
33   Mojo for the Modern Man Ken Mossman 2,000
34   Seemingly Ordinary Tim Wuebker 1,400
35   Transformation Starts Today with Dr. Jamil Sayegh Dr. Jamil Sayegh 2,000
36   The Restless Midlifer David Algeo 2,000
37   UNPILLED Podcast Kashif Khan 2,000
38   Wits & Weights: Strength and Nutrition for Skeptics Philip Pape 2,000
39   Breathin' Air: Everyday Action, Extraordinary Mindset Mason Bendigo 2,000
40   The Food Code Liz Roman & Becca Chilczenkowski 1,100
41   The New Masculine Travis Stock 4,000
42   Let's Just Talk Adam Martin 3,000
43   The Low Carb Athlete Debbie Potts 3,000
44   Happiness Solved Sandee Sgarlata 1,400
45   Rewire The Podcast Cait Ross & Lindsay Mitchell 2,000
46   The Chris Spangle Show Chris Spangle 5,600
47   Frame of Reference Rauel LaBreche 2,000
48   The Beautifully Balanced Podcast Samantha Dinnage 2,000
49   LIVETHEFUEL Scott Mulvaney 2,000
50   The Only One Mic Podcast Carl Jerard, Bklyn Dre, and Jus.Mee 2,400
51   Ignorance Was Bliss Kate Wallinga 3,700
52   Becoming Bridge Builders Keith Haney 1,400
53   Mindcep Alex Muir 2,000
54   Endurance Minded Taylor Thomas 4,000
55   That Sounds Terrific Nick Koziol 2,100
56   Paradigms Baruch 2,000
57   Ever Forward Radio with Chase Chewning Chase Chewning 4,000
Podcast Program Est. Total Reach 150,200
Podcast Program Ad Rate Total Value($25/CPM*30Min) $36,000.00

Christopher Maher is a former US Navy SEAL who endured intense physical, mental, and emotional stress as a US Navy SEAL and child.

Christopher Lee Maher

Founder, True Body Intelligence®

Analyzing Our Results…

Our goal was to get Adi next to top influencers as the positioning for her program was to build her influence personally as well as increase the exposure of Teami Blends.

We got her booked on many high visibility shows as for her the quality of show and the quality of the influencer that she was spending time with was vital to brand growth. 

We connected her with awesome influencers like Elena Cardone, Brad Lea, Sunny Lenarduzzi and Chalene Jonnson; vital to her branding and the company branding.

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Tim Alison, Screw the Naysayers Podcast Podcaster

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Lance Essihos, Ignite: Podcasting with Purpose Podcaster, Podcast Production Company

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Kimi and Pua, Boss Up Media Podcasters, Digital Marketing

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Dr. Ann Barter, Alternative Family Medicine Functional Medicine

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Grant Wise, Modern Moguls Marketing Real Estate

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Courney Lebedzinski, Wholesome Houses Real Estate / Holistic Health

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