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Company Name: Modern Modern Moguls Marketing / Grant Wise

At first, Grant was skeptical that we would be able to get him on the correct podcasts, as he had tried to do so for several years. We promised him that not only would we get on the shows he had been trying to book, but we would also find shows that closely matched his audience.

Grant is an expert in the real estate space and helps realtors to get more leads and drive more business and results. We set up a program to help him only reach realtors, not real estate investors.

We Booked Top Real Estate

Grant saw $100,000 in revenue within 60 days of appearing on podcasts, and in his ad re-targeting, he created an additional $400,000 in revenue.

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REI Diamonds


Simple Wholesaling


Real Estate Realities

Wheelbarrow Profits


Real Estate Success

What’s The Value


Podcast Program Est. total reach

Grant Wise - 16 SHOWS

ShowHostEst. Reach
1Super Agents LiveToby1000
2Real Estate Rockstars9600
3Real Estate Uncensored6400
4Best Real Estate Advice Ever8700
5The Sales Evangelist1000
6The Power of Great1000
7GSD Mode2300
8AccelerateAndy Paul1000
9Investing in the USReed Goossens4000
10The Boom Real Estate PodcastMegan Ferriss3000
11Simple WholesalingBrett and Jaren1000
12REI DiamondsDan Breslin1000
13Real Estate Investor Summit PodcastMitch Stephen4300
14Real Estate RealitiesRobert Whitelaw7500
15Secrets to Real Estate Investing ShowHolly McKhann1000
16Epic Real Estate InvestingMatt Thirault58600
17The Art of Passive IncomeMark Podolsky3500
Podcast Program Est. Total Reach-114,900
Podcast Program Ad Rate Total Value($25/CPM*30Min)$86,175

“We saw 10,000% ROI on the podcasts we appeared on.”

Grant Wise

CEO, Modern Moguls Marketing

Analyzing Our Results…

Grant had amazing results. Within 60 days, he had created a $100,000 in sales, selling a $5,000 product.

He called me 90 days into his program and said “We took a look and we had an additional $500,000 in revnue and we think it’s the podcasts.” I was excited, but my next question was: “How did he do that?” So, we scheduled the interview that you see above.

What’s not included in that interview was what created that additional $400,000 in revenue; that was his marketing strategy.

Upgrading Our Process...

After learning what Grant did to create his $500,000 total revenue, we took a look at our service and decided that we could do better.

So we asked Grant exactly what he did differently to create that level of revenue. $100,00 was because we put him on the right podcasts, $400,000 what what he did.

That’s when when created the “10X Your Podcast Guest Appearance Course,” that we now give all of our clients. It covers exactly what Grant did, including additional information on content repurposing.

The Results

In only 60 days, Grant saw immediate results…

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