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Command Your Brand is a full-service boutique Public Relations agency in New Jersey. We work exclusively with CEOs and Founders that have the vision to impact and change the world, they know that help is possible and desire to help the world in a big way.

We believe that the burgeoning New Media world, led by podcasts is where our clients get the best exposure.

The definition of the podcast has changed over the years. When we started in 2016, podcasts were primarily the audio version of blogs, now that definition has broadened to include Rumble, YouTube, and other forms of consumed media.

We believe it’s up to the public to consume those ideas, and decide what makes sense to them, not some third-party arbiter — that’s what podcasts allow for.

If you have an important message and a proven track record to back it up, we’re your podcast PR Experts. We offer two different levels of service:


We are always an education company first. We want the public to better understand starting a podcast and appearing on podcasts as a guest so they can fully take advantage of the podcast world. We help to do this through a variety of publications, live trainings, and training courses.

We handle everything to help you appear on the right podcasts as a guest and fully take advantage of the podcast world. We help to craft a campaign, and message that helps you to make an impact. We’ll locate the right podcasts, schedule you on those shows, prep you and the host, and run your schedule through the entire campaign.

Done-For-You Podcast PR Services

There was a time when a microphone and an idea were all you needed. By leveraging the power of YouTube, backed by the right thumbnails, titles, descriptions, and tags, your podcast isn’t just heard; it’s seen, clicked on, and subscribed to. The reality of 2023? An audio-only podcast might be a voice in the wilderness. But an optimized podcast? That’s a beacon for all to see and hear.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Starting a Podcast, Podcast Hosting Options and Costs, How to Promote Your Podcast and more

A podcast is essentially a talk radio series on demand. People can tune-in whenever and wherever they please

The ROI is in the opportunities and what you make of it. We get a lot of people that come to us because they want direct leads from going on podcasts. Will that happen, most likely, but the biggest factor that we see in reach (whether that reach is to join your email list, opt into your lead magnet, follow you on social media, buy your book, etc.), is how the guest approaches going on the shows.

If they approach it with the viewpoint “what can going on this show do for me?” – then its usually a dud. 

If they approach it with the viewpoint “what can I bring of value to the show?” – then they win every episode. 

Our clients have scored joint venture opportunities, speaking at major industry events, additional media features and podcasts, SEO relevance and credible thought leadership.

CYB is a full-service public relations firm for the podcast space. We provide services in research, branding, copywriting, bookings and campaign management.

CYB has products and services that range from around $99-$500 for a course or around $1,500 a month for a full-service program.

Yes! Our team of Podcast Publicists are there to see your campaign flourish from start to finish and will answer any questions you have along the way.

All of them and none of them. Just because we know them or have landed them before, does not mean you’re the right fit for them. You have to be desirable, have the right credentials, and there’s a bit of luck and timing involved as well.

With FTC regulations, CYB does not work with shows that you pay a fee for guaranteed placement. The media outlet must disclose that the post is paid for that’s why you see some posts in places like Entrepreneur, INC and others with the words “Promoted Post” or “Paid Advertisement” at the top of the article. The same regulations apply for radio and multimedia.

CYB produces earned media by constructing a campaign for a podcast to want to speak with you and earning the placement on your behanlf.

Get Access to 72 Podcasts You Can Appear on Today. It’s FREE.

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Get Access to 72 Podcasts You Can Appear on Today. It’s FREE.

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