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Command a Change

An important part of what we do at Command Your Brand is to support
organizations that need a voice and impact. We created the “Command a
Change” Program to help organizations that flow power to

Several times a year, we do a Pro Bono campaign for an
organization that our team votes on.

Podcasting is the most powerful vehicle for impact, and because of that, we want to share that power with a charity that we feel is in alignment with our vision of “impacting the world and bettering mankind.”

What we do is not just another just, it’s not just another campaign it’s to positively affect the planet.

Command A Change Program

Just like ripples in a lake, Command Your Brand can support those that
ripple out and make the impact that we could never make.

Command A Change Program
Command A Change Program

William Tucker - Charity United

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Contact: William Tucker

William Tucker and his wife have helped over 100,000 kids & civilians in the slums of India, improving their quality of life through literacy education, emergency aid, and other philanthropic initiatives.

As a Co-Founder of Charity United, a U.S.-based charity that provides humanitarian aid to children and civilians in need, William helps ensure children receive food, clothing, shelter, and education. He has worked as an educational specialist and corporate training officer in International Charitable organizations for several decades, training thousands of individuals for their jobs in order to improve the productivity of these organizations. After selling his house and living in the slums of India for a year, William discovered through on-the-ground experience the problems that kids most often face while living in the slums, mainly a lack of educational opportunities. In collaboration with charities and volunteers in India, Africa, and Latin America, Charity United provides educational tools to children with the aim of giving all children an equal opportunity for a promising future.


“Working with command your brand has been a breath of fresh air. They are very professional and friendly, guide you through all the steps and things you need to know and do. I’ve worked with other “PR” companies before, who made all sorts of glorified promises without ever following through, or where I had to redo the work myself. I had basically given up on working with any sort of PR firm. But then I got in contact with command your brand.

Each of their team members is friendly and knows exactly what they are doing, they are super responsive, and frankly have made a dreaded subject “getting myself and my charity out there on PR channels” a pleasurable experience.

I want to thank Jeremy and his entire team from the bottom of my heart for all the work they have done for us, their support makes it possible for us to do our mission, which is bringing literacy and aid to children in slums.”

– William Tucker

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Frequently Asked Questions

Starting a Podcast, Podcast Hosting Options and Costs, How to Promote Your Podcast and more

A podcast is essentially a talk radio series on demand. People can tune-in whenever and wherever they please

The ROI is in the opportunities and what you make of it. We get a lot of people that come to us because they want direct leads from going on podcasts. Will that happen, most likely, but the biggest factor that we see in reach (whether that reach is to join your email list, opt into your lead magnet, follow you on social media, buy your book, etc.), is how the guest approaches going on the shows.

If they approach it with the viewpoint “what can going on this show do for me?” – then its usually a dud. 

If they approach it with the viewpoint “what can I bring of value to the show?” – then they win every episode. 

Our clients have scored joint venture opportunities, speaking at major industry events, additional media features and podcasts, SEO relevance and credible thought leadership.

CYB is a full-service public relations firm for the podcast space. We provide services in research, branding, copywriting, bookings and campaign management.

CYB has products and services that range from around $99-$500 for a course or around $1,500 a month for a full-service program.

Yes! Our team of Podcast Publicists are there to see your campaign flourish from start to finish and will answer any questions you have along the way.

All of them and none of them. Just because we know them or have landed them before, does not mean you’re the right fit for them. You have to be desirable, have the right credentials, and there’s a bit of luck and timing involved as well.

With FTC regulations, CYB does not work with shows that you pay a fee for guaranteed placement. The media outlet must disclose that the post is paid for that’s why you see some posts in places like Entrepreneur, INC and others with the words “Promoted Post” or “Paid Advertisement” at the top of the article. The same regulations apply for radio and multimedia.

CYB produces earned media by constructing a campaign for a podcast to want to speak with you and earning the placement on your behanlf.

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Get Access to 72 Podcasts You Can Appear on Today. It’s FREE.

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