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Company Name: Avail

Command Your Brand was first approached by Avail’s Director of Marketing, Nate Smoyer.

Nate had his own podcast, so he knew that podcasts would be the right place for his company’s story.

However, he wanted a veteran team to help him run the campaign.

It was important to Nate that we go big. So, we worked with both co-founders, booking them on 50+ podcasts.

Avail improves lives for both landlords and renters. For landlords, it allows them to set their income properties on autopilot.

They ultimately spend less time managing their rentals and more time doing things they love.

For renters, it’s all about giving them access to functionality they want, like the ability to improve their credit scores by paying rent on-time and online.  

We Supported the Corporate Team…


Ryan Coon, CEO

Ryan has a hardworking spirit and together with his co-founder, Laurence Jankelow, they developed the idea for their company Avail on a napkin that now solves the needs of thousands of landlords and renters. Prior to founding Avail, Coon was an investment banking associate at BMO Capital Markets. He left this high paying job to travel, learn to code and launch a tech startup that solves the need of a previously left out market, the DIY landlord.


Laurence Jankelow, COO

Laurence Jankelow is the Co-Founder of Avail, an all-in-one software solution designed for do-it-yourself landlords. Prior to launching Avail, Laurence spent seven years in data analytics first as a Consultant at Protiviti Chicago and then at Goldman Sachs. Laurence is also a long-term real estate investor with a passion for 3-unit multi-family properties in Chicago.

We Booked 50+ Top Podcasts

We didn’t realize during the ramp of the campaign, but Avail was also running a Series A round of funding.

The constant good news on Avail helped to make the raise a success and have a lot more people and brands talking about Avail.

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Cashflow 2 Freedom


The Money Answers Show


Just Start Real Estate


Epic Real Estate Investing


12 Houses To Freedom


Apartments on the Go Podcast


The Corporate Investor Podcast


Accelerated Investor Podcast


What’s The Value


Avail -48 Shows

Show Host # of DOWNLOADS
1 Real Estate Investing for Women Moneeka Sawyer 1,000
2 Old Dawg's REI Network Bill M 5,000
3 Real Estate Investing Through Cash Flow Kevin Bupp 32,800
4 Real Estate Success Rocks Patrick Lilly 1,000
5 Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast Joe McCall 54,600
6 Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Joe Fairless 8,700
7 Investing in the US Reed Goossens 4,000
8 Passive Real Estate Investing Through Passive Income Lane Kawaoka 8,000
9 The High Retum Real Estate Show Jeff & Jack 1,000
10 Real Estate Investor Summit Podcast Mitch Stephen 4,300
11 Discount Property Investor Podcast David Dodge & Mike Slane 2,300
12 The Real Estate Syndication Show Whitney Sewell 1,300
13 Cashflow 2 Freedom Podcast AJ Osborne 3,000
14 Target Market Insights: Multifamily + Marketing John Casmon 1,400
15 Ready. Set. Go. Real Estate Investing Podcast Brandon Elliott 1,000
16 The Money Answers Show Jordan Goodman 1,000
17 Passive Income through Multifamily Real Estate Kyle Mitchell & Lalita Patipaksiri 4,000
18 REI Diamonds-Real Estate Investment Podcast Dan Breslin 1,000
19 House Dudes Podcast (formerly REI Rookies Real Estate Investing Jack Hoss & Josh koth 1,000
20 Ready Investor One Paul David Thompson 2,000
21 Just Start Real Estate Mike Simmons 3,000
22 Epic Real Estate Investing Matt Theriault 3000
23 Get Rich Education Keith Weinhold 27,000
24 The Corporate Investor Podcast Matt Nusbaum | Real Estate Investor 1,000
25 Crushing it in Real Estate Bryan Pham and Joanne Tan 1,000
26 Apartments on the Go Podcast Matt Ruedlinger 1,000
27 The Cashflow Kings Frank Patalano 2,100
28 12 Houses To Freedom Brian Ellwood 1,000
29 The HyperFast Agent Podcast Dan Lesniak & Keri Shull 2,500
30 Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing Jason Hartman 9,700
31 The Business Credit and Financing Show Ty Crandall 1,400
32 Growth Experts Dennis Brown 2,300
33 Thrivetime Show | Business School without the BS Clay Clark 96,500
34 Build Your Network Travis Chappell 20,400
35 The Entrepreneur Way Neil Ball 2,900
36 Bossed 2 Boss Miro Wcislo 1,000
37 Trending Up Jordan Paris 1,000
38 The Top One Percent Trevor Blattner 1,000
39 Making Bank Josh Felber 8,000
40 Success For Life Podcast David Schuman 2,600
41 The Daily Grind Podcast Colin Morgan 1,000
42 The Growth Podcast Aaron Civitarese 1,000
43 The Mike Dillard Podcast Mike Dillard 10,000
44 The Secret To Success Antonio T. Smith Jr. 12,100
45 REACH OR MISS Hayut Yogev 4,000
46 INVESTTHIS Scott Bower 1,000
47 Success Profiles Radio. Brian Wright 4,000
48 Winners Wallets and Worldviews Aaron Armstrong 2,000
49 The How-to Entrepreneur Dylan Menter 1,100
50 Exit Coach Radio Bill Black 1,000
51 Fast Leader Show Jim Rembach 2,000
52 THINK Business Jon Dwoskin 500
53 Breakthrough Success Marc Guberti 4,300
54 SharkPreneur Kevin Harrington & Seth Greene 500
Total Estimated Listenership Reach: 426,900
Podcast Program Ad Rate Total Value($25/CPM*30Min) $320,175
Avail Co 2

“Command Your Brand, you guys really knocked it out of the Park. We really appreciate everything you did for us. Command Your Brand is the company to work with.”

Nate Smoyer

Director of Marketing, Avail

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