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Grant Wise



Company Name: Modern Modern Moguls Marketing / Grant Wise

At first, Grant was skeptical that we would be able to get him on the correct podcasts, as he had tried to do so for several years. We promised him that not only would we get on the shows he had been trying to book, but we would also find shows that closely matched his audience.

Grant is an expert in the real estate space and helps realtors to get more leads and drive more business and results. We set up a program to help him only reach realtors, not real estate investors.


Company Name: Superfood Alchemy / Celebrity Chef

Jennifer was well established as a celebrity chef when she came to us. She had perviously had a lot of tier one press, but needed help to launch her book “Superfood Alchemy.”

We needed to position her on the right shows to fit her unique spin on natural health and match her vibe.

Jennifer Iserloh


Jennifer is a classically trained chef, that has been personal chef for celebrities like Jerry Seinfeld and Annie Lebowitz. She regularly appears on TV like Fox News and the Today Show. 

Matthew Januszek

Case Studies


Company Name: Escape Fitness / Escape Your Limits Podcast

Matthew came to us to grow his own podcast, Escape Your Limits and also to draw more attention to his brand, Escape Fitness.

It was important to him not only to get on high viability podcasts, but also podcasts that were in studio with the host.

Matthew is the founder of Escape Fitness, an 8-figure fitness business that not only supplies gym equiptment, but also focuses on high end gym design layout.


Company Name: Rowbottom Marketing

Shay first invested in our 6 month program as she wanted to make sure that we could get the results that we claimed we could produce.

We quickly produced great results and upgraded her to our one year program.

Shay Rowbottom

Case Studies

Shay is a video influencer on Linkedin, and the number 1 video creator on the platform at that. When she came to us, Shay had recently changed her product offerings and needed more attention.

Adi Arezzini



Company Name: Teami Blends

Teami had focused mainly on Instagram and has grown on the channel to well past 1 million followers and has focused on an influencer marketing strategy on the channel.

Adi wanted to get on large podcasts to connect with additional big influencers for collaborations as well increase brand exposure.

Is the CEO and Co-Founder of Teami Blends, $10 Million Dollar lifestyle brand focused in the health and wellness space. They have a large following on Instagram of over 1 Million.


Company Name: Author, “Start from Zero.”

Dane came to us to help launch his book “Start from Zero.” Since it was a book launch sales volume and speed were very important.

Dane had a successful podcast for some time and so had a lot of faith that the medium could help launch his book.

Dane Maxwell


Dane has started 5 successful profitable businesses. He has gone on to create over 15 millionaires with his teachings. He
specializes in helping underdogs start successful businesses.
Dane also has a passion for singing and he is the author of the upcoming book Start From Zero.

Curt Mercadante



Company Name: Merc LLC.

Curt has a well-established podcast network, the Freedom Media Network.

So, he was a big believer in the podcast platform.

He came to us to launch his book “The Five Pillars of the Freedom Lifestyle.”

Curt Mercadante is an international speaker, coach, trainer and disruptive entrepreneur whose mission is to save the
world by helping people fight for lives of freedom and. fulfillment. Curt’s speeches and training empower individuals to live their Freedom Lifestyle, and he also hosts the popular Freedom Club Podcast. 


Company Name: OriginClear

Riggs came to us to help tell his company’s story and create a human connection for them. We helped to position him at the forefront of innovation.

In fact, one of the podcasts we featured him on helped to 5X their company stock price; a true indication that they were telling a story that was making a huge impact.

Riggs Eckelberry

Case Studies

Riggs Eckelberry is the CEO of OriginClear, a Public Company that is revolutionizing the treatment of water. Riggs is making a huge impact in the billion-dollar water market and has huge goals for where he wants OriginClear to help that market go.

Phillip Stutts



Company Name: Go BIG Media

Phillip came to us for the launch of his book “Fire Them Now: The 7 Lies Digital Marketers Sell…And the Truth about Political Strategies that Help Businesses Win.” He runs both a marketing company (Go BIG Media) and a political marketing company (Win BIG Media).

Phillip also already had hundreds of media appearances, and it was important that for the book launch, he go on the highest visibility shows.

In the campaign, it was important that we help the public understand this was a marketing book and not a political book.

Phillip Stutts is the founder of Go BIG Media. He has worked with multiple Fortune 200 companies and has over two decades of experience working on campaigns with billions of dollars in political ad spend and contributed to over 1,000 election victories, including hundreds of U.S. House campaigns, dozens of U.S. Senate campaigns and even three Presidential victories.

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