54 Dana Frost | Addressing the Health of the Whole Person

54 Dana Frost | Addressing the Health of the Whole Person

About This Episode:
Dana Frost is a wellness expert and host of the ‘Vitally You’ Podcast, shining a light on how you can feel younger while growing older.

Dana is a body, mind, and spirit alchemist who educates and coaches women toward optimal health so they can enjoy vibrant lives. She uses the ‘Functional Nutrition’ lens, food and nature as medicine, the wisdom of their own bodies, and the practice of Kaiut Yoga. Dana has a lifelong commitment to continuing education including certifications as a Master Life Coach, Aromatherapist, HeartMath® Facilitator, Myers Briggs Facilitator, Light Therapist, and Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner.

Dana’s rich life experiences including navigating the challenges and joys as a mom for twenty-nine years to five children, thirty-two years of marriage, and living abroad for ten years empower her coaching practice.

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