09 Eileen Durfee | Detoxifying the Body to Heal It and Reach Optimal Performance

09 Eileen Durfee | Detoxifying the Body to Heal It and Reach Optimal Performance

About This Episode:
Eileen Durfee is a health pioneer, business woman and innovator who has reinvented a way to distribute natural healing products to protect others from toxicity.

Eileen is a former nuclear power plant engineer who became sick due to chemical exposure. She suffered from chronic pain, allergies, Hashimoto’s, hypothyroidism, and lack of energy. These symptoms were the result of her body not eliminating the toxins to which she was regularly exposed.  

She tried a variety of medications, diets, therapies, and more, to help recover her health. On a quest to heal her body, she engineered solutions with her vast knowledge and experience to help others. Her journey to overcome her own health issues led her to become an inventor and businesswoman.

She founded her own health company, Creatrix Solutions LLC, to create and distribute natural healing products worldwide. Through online web stores, she offers a variety of health solutions, including spinal fitness equipment, near infrared saunas, air purifiers, ozone generators, and healing food salts, as well as provides consultation as a Practitioner in Nutritional Balancing Science.

Eileen has an understanding of toxic home and work environments, and knows firsthand what it is like to suffer as the result. Her experience continues to motivate her to create the best possible health solutions to protect family, friends, and consumers from our toxic world.

Eileen has been featured on major media outlets including: ABC, NBC and CBS to share her knowledge about the spinal fitness revolution.

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