How to Get Interviewed on Top Rated Podcasts

How to Get Interviewed on Top Rated Podcasts

Top podcast host, Jeremy Ryan Slate is excited to announce that The Ultimate Guide to: Get Interviewed on Top Rated Podcasts course is now available to the public. Slate has hosted almost 400 episodes and has had over half a million downloads on his top rated podcast, the ‘Create Your Own Life’ show. He has also appeared as a guest on over 100 podcasts.

“The level of exposure I have received from being on podcasts is like nothing else I have ever done before,” says Slate.  “The engagement of podcast audiences are incredible! The platform allows professionals to engage in influencer marketing to increase their brand and credibility.”

After Slate’s success with podcasting himself, he teamed up with public relations strategist and his wife, Brielle Takacs, to form Command Your Brand Media. Command Your Brand Media is an agency that helps professionals to tell their story on top rated podcasts.

The team has developed their proprietary strategies on how to get on top podcasts, tell a great story and connect with an audience to build relationships and influence by having booked over 600 client podcast interviews.  Although they continue to provide these services for clients, they have created The Ultimate Guide to: Get Interviewed on Top Rated Podcasts course as an affordable solution for people to increase their influence. The course can be found at

Command Your Brand Media was started by top podcast host, Jeremy Ryan Slate, host of the Create Your Own Life Podcast, and Brielle Takacs, veteran public relations strategist.

With over 10 years experience in podcasting and public relations, the team started the agency to help successful business owners and entrepreneurs go from being the best at what they do to being the most well-known for being the best at what they do.  Find out more about Command Your Brand Media at


Brielle Slate

COO, Co-Founder, Command Your Brand Media

Brielle SlateBrielle Slate is the founder Co-Founder of Command Your Brand Media, and top PR strategist. She has spent 10+ years in Public Relations, helping some of the top entrepreneurs and medical professionals to increase their impact and tell their story.

In her role with Command Your Brand Media, Brielle helps to align clients Story, Message and Call-to-Action, in addition to helping them target the correct shows to ensure optimal impact. She has been featured on podcasts like Outlier on the Air and Feed Your Brand.

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