37 Mark Savant | Podcasting and The Future of Media

37 Mark Savant | Podcasting and The Future of Media

About This Episode:
Mark Savant started investing all sorts of businesses. From selling T-Shirts, to insurance agencies, to affiliate marketing, to buying vending machines. But nothing felt right.

Until Mark started podcasting, he felt his purpose. Thousands of people were listening to his voice. Then unexpected doors started opening for Mark too. He’s speaking with amazing people and was seeing fresh business opportunities.

People started paying Mark to help them create their shows. They started telling their friends. And Mark finally saw a path that would allow him to create the legacy he had been searching for.

Mark is the owner of Mark Savant Media. He helps business owners turn podcasts into personal brands. Depending on the client’s goals and budget, they can have a solution for you.

Mark spent years learning what works and doesn’t work. He also spend hours each week discussing top strategies with experts.

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