66 Matt Sutika | How to Build A #1 Nationwide Insurance Brokerage

66 Matt Sutika | How to Build A #1 Nationwide Insurance Brokerage

About This Episode:
Obie is the leading platform real estate investors use to get insurance. By leveraging data and advanced tech, Obie delivers a modern experience for today’s real estate investor in all 50 states and has bound more than $5 Billion in property value. Obie has gained significant market penetration by way of strategic partner integrations with lenders and other popular rental management platforms. Since 2017 Obie has raised nearly $14M, employs 70+ employees, and has two central office locations in IL and FL.

Matthew Sutika is an award-winning entrepreneur and business owner in the ‘insuretech’ sector. Following a 5-year tenure as a top ranked State Farm agent, Matt founded Skylight Insurance and within two years, he grew it to be a $5M+ brokerage through unique partnerships and technology within the multi-family community, a staff of less than five, and zero marketing budget. Bridging tried and true insurance principals with tech, Skylight merged with Obie, an insurance distribution platform for real estate investors that employs more than 70 and has raised nearly $14M. Today, he serves as their Chief Insurance Officer.

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