12 Oie Dobier | Project Who Am I

12 Oie Dobier | Project Who Am I

About This Episode:
Oie based her education and career on all the wrong things. She chose a path that others expected of her which led to changing her major, jumping from job to job, and finding herself always looking for the next big challenge. Then in her early 40’s, she was passed over for a promotion which caused her to do some self-reflection. Although the pay was good, she realized she was tired, bored and unfulfilled.

She had chosen a career that didn’t align with her values, passions or natural talents and felt it was time to be more purposeful with her life. What if there was a way to teach young people how to figure this out earlier? A way to help them start their career in something fulfilling, interesting and enjoyable?

What if she could save them from the years of struggle and unfulfillment that she and so many others have experienced? As a result, Project Who Am I was born and she’s been helping young people learn about themselves and apply this knowledge to their educational and career pursuits.

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