Personal Branding is a Requirement, Not an Option – Podcasting is the Secret Weapon

Personal Branding is a Requirement, Not an Option – Podcasting is the Secret Weapon

When people think of personal branding, they only think about how to make people want what they are willing to give. But in reality personal branding refers to the process of establishing your public persona for your targeted audience. Personal branding involves carefully and accurately communicating your values, beliefs, goals and purpose. It helps you stand out from the millions of people who are ultimately offering the same thing you are. But, if your personal brand is done right, it will help you stand out among the millions and bring in the much needed revenue.

The secret weapon? Not only having your own podcast to control to flow of content, but appearing on top-rated podcasts as a guest to push your message out to the masses.

“When we talk about ‘personal branding’ we are referring to establishing and promoting what you stand for. Your personal brand is the unique combination of skills and experiences that make you you.

Effective personal branding will differentiate you from other professionals in your field.”

Brand Your Self

The Case for Podcasting

There are many ways to personally brand yourself, but one key way that many do not utilize is using a podcast. For those who do not know, a podcast is an episodic series of digital audio files that a user can download in order to listen whenever they want. Alternatively, the word “podcast” may refer to the individual component of such a series or to an individual media file. There are several benefits to using a podcast as a tool to build your personal brand.

Podcasts are easy to create, portable, and users can listen to them at any time, anywhere. This is what makes building your personal brand with podcasting so beneficial. It engages with people in all walks of life, no matter where they are at any time of their choosing. Which, might I add, is really convenient for everyone.

Starting your own podcast, as well as appearing on other top-rated podcasts as a guest, will super charge your networking and take your brand positioning to the next level. It helps you to be seen as an influencer as well as being seeing with other influencers — adding to your brand equity.

“This year has been a breakout one for podcasting. According to Edison Research’s Infinite Dial report, more than half of Americans have now listened to a podcast, and an estimated 32% listen monthly (up from 26% last year).

This is the largest yearly increase since this data started being tracked in 2008. Podcast creation also continues to grow, with more than 700,000 podcasts and 29 million podcast episodes, up 27% from last year.”

Tech Crunch

Search Engines and Podcasting

The benefit that most people do not realize from podcasting is actually the SEO benefits of appearing as a guet on shows. In fact, the first 12 pages of Google, if you search my name “Jeremy Ryan Slate,” are all most. 90% of those links are shows that I have been featured on as a guest, in addition to episodes of my own podcast.

In SEO, the strenght of  a link is really important. Authority Score is a scale of 0-100% and it denotes how authoritative a site is online. The higher the authority score, the more value a link has. Most of the larger podcast hosts (places files are stored to send to places like Spotify and Apple Podcasts), such as Libsyn and Podbean, have authority above 90.

Sites with high authority scores are very good for helping you be found in search and in turn, can help to raise the authority score of your own site; making you more of an authority in your own sphere of the online world.

Search Engines and Podcasting

Command Your Brand Media

Command Your Brand Media is living proof of how a podcast can be beneficial to a personal brand. As CEO of Command Your Brand Media and host of the Create Your Own Life Podcast I built my personal brand and business through my podcast. I rose to prominence after launching the Create Your Own Life Show in 2015. The show is now over 2.5 million downloads, featuring interviews from Indy 500 Winner Helio Castroneves, NY Times Bestselling Author Grant Cardone, former Eagles guitarist Don Felder, among many other high performers.

Following the success of the podcast, along with my wife Brielle, I launched Command Your Brand Media, the premier Public Relations Agency for being featured as a guest on top-rated podcasts.

I used podcasting to my advantage to make my personal brand what it is today. Without personal branding, Command Your Brand Media would not be where it is today.

So now the question remains, how will you utilize personal branding to make your brand grow?

Jeremy Ryan Slate

CEO, Co-Founder, Command Your Brand Media

Jeremy Ryan SlateJeremy Ryan Slate is the founder of the Create Your Own Life Podcast, to create life on their own terms. He studied literature at Oxford University, and is a former champion powerlifter turned new media entrepreneur. Specializes in using podcasting and new media to create celebrity and was ranked #1 in iTunes New and Noteworthy and #26 in the business category.

Jeremy was named one of the top 26 podcast for entrepreneurs to listen to in 2017 by CIO Magazine and Millennial Influencer to follow in 2018 by Buzzfeed. The Create Your Own Life Podcast has been downloaded almost a quarter of a million times. He’s also a featured writer for Influencive and After his success in podcasting, Jeremy Slate and his wife, Brielle Slate, found Command Your Brand to help entrepreneurs get their message out by appearing as guests on podcasts.

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