PR V. Marketing

PR V. Marketing

Public Relations and Marketing are NOT the same thing…

Marketing is the concept of bringing your product to market, and creating need and desire and thus public reach for your service or product.

Stop marketing, then sales stop.

That’s where the right PR program comes in, it changes how you are looked at and perceived; the right PR program is a game changer. Marketing is always about driving new leads, where PR is actually changing the scene of what people find on you, who’s talking about you and where your expertise is seen.

It’s the first step to really amplifying impact and setting it up so not only more people find you, but all of your marketing after is more effective and takes less effort; it creates the know, like and trust factor.

PR doesn’t stop after you’ve done it, marketing does.

Also, PR create the pieces to market with!

Investing in the right PR is one of the best investments you can create. Why? not only does it enhance your impact, but it also controls factors that are typically out of your control.

What do I mean by that? Someone chooses you over a chiropractor in the same town. Your office is further traveling distance, open less hours and more expensive.

So why did they choose you?

They chose you because you are the go to expert in your space. When that happens you don’t have competition. You’re featured on top rated podcasts, have a podcast of your own, are interviewed on TV regularly and speak at the top conferences.

Your time is perceived as more valuable and in higher demand.

The difference?

Marketing stops when the budget ends. PR changes the game permanently.

Working your PR and branding one of the best decisions you will ever make.

Always have room in your budget for a good PR program, without it, you’re always playing Hungry, Hungry Hippos with lead generation.

Instead, change the game.

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