74 Tamara Thompson | Approaching New Social Media Frontiers

74 Tamara Thompson | Approaching New Social Media Frontiers

About This Episode:
Tamara is an investor, Founder, & CEO of Broadcast Your Authority, a team-managed, data-driven content agency specializing in marketing and creating micro-content repurposed from weekly podcasts to help sustainable companies, influencers, and experts to position themselves as respected industry leaders.

She helps clients reach more people through omnipresence, optimization, and a consistent done-for-you strategy. She began her video marketing career as the Founder of Serious Take Productions in 2013. She directed entrepreneurial films that sold out in national film festivals and shared snippets that went viral on YouTube. IndieFlix noticed her films and acquired them for distribution. Then with her interest in how viral videos worked, she was determined to help others grow their channels.

In 2015, she started sharing her methods on the stage, in podcasts, and on YouTube.

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  1. Great podcast. Love this topic and you both engaged so well. This knowledge is important. BOOM.

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