The Ultimate Guide to Getting Booked on a Podcast

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Booked on a Podcast

How to Find and Reach Out to Podcasts Accepting Guests

Are you a CEO or a small business owner looking to elevate your brand, build a broad audience, and demonstrate your industry authority? Podcasting is your ticket to achieving these milestones!

Here’s your golden opportunity to discover actionable strategies to get booked on podcasts accepting guests, positioning your brand at the forefront of your industry.

How to Find Podcasts that Accept Guests

Identifying the right podcasts is the first step to getting booked. You’ll want to target shows that not only accept guests but are also relevant to your industry and resonate with your ideal audience. Here’s how:

1. Podcast directories:
Platforms like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify are rich databases of podcasts across various genres. We can help you explore categories that align with your niche.

2. Social Media:
COMMAND YOUR BRAND is on podcast-related groups on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. We engage with posts, and monitor opportunities for us to better know the shows to pitch our clients for guest appearances.

3. Podcast Guesting Platforms:
On most occasions we utilize websites like, Podcast Guests, and RadioGuestList to connect with podcast hosts with our potential guests.

4. Competitor Analysis:
We definitely pay attention to where your competitors or industry leaders are guesting. Targeting these podcasts might be suitable platforms for your message too.

5. Search Engines:
And of course, we still utilize the power of Google by using keywords like “[your industry] + podcasts accepting guests.”

Remember, finding the right podcast for you requires extensive research, but it’s an investment that yields high returns in the form of brand visibility and recognition.

How to Reach Out to Podcasts to Get Booked

Once we’ve found your potential podcasts, the next step is crafting you an irresistible pitch. The aim is to highlight your value proposition as a guest and how it aligns with the podcast’s mission and audience.

1. Customize your pitch:
We always first understand the podcast’s style, topics covered, and audience. Tailor your pitch to align with these elements.

2. Highlight your expertise:
Emphasizing your unique insights, experiences, and achievements is our forte. We’ll even mention any relevant publications or successful past guesting experiences.

3. Provide value:
What will the podcast’s audience gain from your episode? We’ll also train you to highlight tangible takeaways to show you’re there to provide value, not just promote yourself.

4. Be professional and respectful:
We want to maintain great relationship with podcast shows and host, so respecting their time by keeping your pitch concise yet compelling is our priority. Thus, always proofreading our message before sending.

Also, here’s a quick guide on how we maximize our email marketing.

If I Want Help, Who Should I Trust?

Enlisting professional assistance to get booked on podcasts can be a game-changer. Public relations agency, COMMAND YOUR BRAND, with its experienced staff definitely is the best choice. We leverage on our industry connections, expertise, and resources to secure podcast guesting opportunities on your behalf.

Choosing a reliable partner who understands your brand, audience, and industry is a must. Check out our client’s testimonials to evaluate our performance and credibility.

The Journey to Getting Booked on a Podcast

To illustrate the effectiveness of this approach, let’s reflect on a Forbes contributor’s successful experiment. The writer aimed to get booked on 30 podcasts within a month, utilizing his network on Facebook and LinkedIn. He crafted engaging posts with a clear call to action, highlighting his areas of expertise and demonstrating the value he could provide as a guest.

Contrary to initial doubts, he exceeded his goal by booking over 50 podcasts in less than 60 days. The experiment’s success was largely attributed to the clear ask, authenticity, and strategic follow-ups. His approach mirrored the ‘givers win’ philosophy, where he leveraged his network without an implicit quid-pro-quo expectation, and it paid off.

This anecdote underscores the importance of making a clear, concise ask, providing value, and following up diligently. It also underscores the power of social proof and the importance of authenticity and sincerity in communication.


1. Do you reach out to multiple podcasts at once?
Yes, but we make sure to tailor each pitch to the specific podcast.

2.What do you include in my podcast pitch?
Your pitch should always highlight your expertise, the value you can provide to the audience, and topics you can discuss. We make this concise and professional.

3. Do you follow up after sending my pitch?
Yes, if we don’t receive a response within a week or two, we send a polite follow-up message.

4. Podcast Statistics for you


Getting booked on a podcast that accepts guests requires effort, strategic planning, and a value-centric approach. It’s an opportunity to reach new audiences, share your expertise, and establish your brand as an industry leader. Remember to give before you ask, be authentic, and follow through with your commitments. Start exploring potential podcasts today and let your voice resonate in the realm of podcasting!

If you need further guidance or a professional touch to your podcast booking journey, COMMAND YOUR BRAND is here to help!

Schedule a free consultation with us today, and let’s work together to amplify your brand on the podcasting stage!


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