Unpacking The Power of Podcasting for Your Business

The barriers of life. Just when you think you’re on the right path, your momentum began to pick up pace, your brand hasPower of Podcasting for Your Business generated some recognition, but you’ve been forced to halt. Endorphins had been firing throughout your central nervous system, perhaps blinding you by short-term success, but who cares, right? You felt ecstatic!


An entrepreneur, CEO, influencer, thought leader, etc., focusing primarily on short-term success may be a detriment to the growth and longevity of his or her brand. Barriers are formed insidiously or may occur abruptly. However, don’t feel discouraged! Embrace and accept barriers, they’ll foster your growth when you truly test your intellectual will and capabilities.

So, you’ve accepted your brand reached a stagnant point and now you need to dismantle that barrier.

Yes, public relations can help in terms of brand awareness and generating good publicity. Now, what is your goal, objective, strategy and tactic?

Overwhelmed on how to go about this challenge? You’re not alone – here is some insight.

Podcasting possesses power and may very well generate the substantial and genuine fuel in brand recognition you are yearning.

Power of Podcasting Numbers, Measurement, Exposure & Features

Power of Podcasting Numbers, Measurement, Exposure & FeaturesPodcasting is an effective marketing tool to utilize if your objective and strategy reflect the need to generate awareness through engaging storytelling. Many podcasters appear as guests on other podcasts and this strategy can help your brand generate massive exposure.

The main platform for podcasts, iTunes, has an array of categories ranging from business, politics, comedy, etc., and drives a substantial number of listeners. Thus, making it the preferred venue to secure your show – strive to secure your podcast on this platform – invite guests from popular shows and strive to get featured on theirs as well.

This collaborative initiative of appearing as a guest, to inviting guests on your show, also forms mutually beneficial relationships and that’s exactly what you may also need to build your brand.

The Power of Podcasting & Social Media Marketing

Power of Podcasting & Social Media MarketingBut wait, the exposure doesn’t end here folks! Social media, which is rapidly evolving, can be strategically applied to further ensure and measure the success of your brand’s awareness.

Rather than sharing your podcast’s URL on social media – Forbes number 17 out 101 Tactics to Promote Podcasts, suggests associating the link with riveting and creative content, such as a logo, etc. This may visually compel social media users to share and engage with your content.

Measure progress by analyzing your impressions or utilizing social tools, such as Hootsuite.

Podcast consumers are also more likely to make the conscious decision to build social relationships and follow the brands, as opposed to consumers who do not. According to the Edison Research Podcast Consumer Report 2017, 31% of the U.S. population may consciously follow brands, but the podcast consumer is 48% more likely to follow the brands they listen to.

The Power of Podcasting: the Message and Your Voice

Don’t lead yourself astray. Establish your brand’s key messages to know exactly what you want to talk about. This is crucial, your story will reflect your brand and the reason you’ve gained exposure. The audience has sought out your verbal expertise, so don’t give them a reason to look for it elsewhere.

Ensure your voice is vigor, tone is amiable and delivery full of gusto. Podcasts enable audiences to receive the tonality and personality of the CEO, influencer, entrepreneur, etc.  – essentially the voice of the brand.

Cautiously refine your messages as needed with each show, but overall, utilize the power of your voice to lure in the exposure you’re yearning for.

Do you think incorporating podcasting as a component to your business will generate massive brand awareness? The power and proof certainly are certainly there to consider.

Edgar Enriquez

Communications Assistant, Command Your Brand Media

Edgar Enriquez Communications Assistant, Command Your Brand MediaEdgar is a senior studying public relations and journalism in the communication department at William Paterson University.  Enriquez chose public relations as his primary focus of study to develop a versatile skill set and grow strategically as a communicator. He is also an avid photographer and has a keen interest in graphic design, videography and many forms of visual media. When Enriquez graduates in May 2018, he aspires to incorporate and utilize his creative passions onto a career in public relations as an engaging storyteller.

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