Using Podcasting To Refine Your Message

Once upon a time, traditional media was the communicator’s only means of obtaining any sort of publicity for his or her brand. Those days, perhaps much simpler, did not offer the abundance of communicative opportunity new media has to entrance professionals around the world.

We’re living in an interesting period where communications are advancing rapidly and the rules revolving the industry are changing in profound ways.

It may be difficult to stay informed or make smart decisions. With the abundance of tools available to utilize you may be wondering how to go about optimizing your brand, business, organization, etc.

Getting published or engaging with your public through elaborate public relations campaigns are all very effective methods, but a medium that’ll help your audience listen on a more personable level could very well be through podcasting.

Transparency in Podcasting

Whether as a guest or the host of your own show, utilizing a podcast invites the audience straight into your world.  Many podcasts Transparency in Podcastingrange anywhere from 20 – 60 mins and may evoke honest conversations about life, career expertise or the business represented.

This platform offers the perfect opportunity for your listeners to learn more about your personal story in a hospitable and personable manner and the key messages binding your life around your business.

The wonderful thing about the podcast is the vulnerability drawn out from the conversation – this aspect is critical – that sort of direct honesty is what builds a rapport among clients, your target audiences and the public.

Your Values Have A Voice: Showcase Your Verbal Expertise Through Podcasts

Words are quite powerful – capably adept to entrance emotion and motivate an audience to act. Voicing your values on a podcast adds optimal value to your brand. As the guest or host, you can tap into the art of rhetoric to engage your audience.

Showcase Your Verbal Expertise Through PodcastsThe expressive impact and influence the human voice has on its listeners rather than the mere text and script on a screen regarding the CEO’s company, offers a much more rewarding experience.

Podcasts enable audiences to receive the tonality and personality of the CEO – essentially the voice of the brand. Utilizing the podcast enables you to use the power of your voice to prove to your audience the authenticity of your values.

On text your key values may be interpreted differently, but through audio, the tone and vigor of your voice optimizes the message clearly. A key aspect to consider is your delivery since any rhetoric is useless if your verbal skills lack gusto. The goal is to articulate your values in an amiable and transparent manner.

Also, dub the power of your voice as verbal expertise rather than vocal skill, it sounds clearer – a bit more optimized.


Edgar Enriquez

Communications Assistant, Command Your Brand Media

Edgar Enriquez Communications Assistant, Command Your Brand MediaEdgar is a senior studying public relations and journalism in the communication department at William Paterson University.  Enriquez chose public relations as his primary focus of study to develop a versatile skill set and grow strategically as a communicator. He is also an avid photographer and has a keen interest in graphic design, videography and many forms of visual media. When Enriquez graduates in May 2018, he aspires to incorporate and utilize his creative passions onto a career in public relations as an engaging storyteller.

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