133 Parker Pursell | Mastering Legacy Wealth and Financial Independence

133 Parker Pursell | Mastering Legacy Wealth and Financial Independence

About This Episode:
In this interview, Jeremy Slate sits down with Parker Pursell, the CEO of eQRP, to discuss the importance of handling wealth and building legacy wealth for financial independence. They delve into the concept of steward leadership and how it drives EQRP’s mission to empower individuals in their financial transformation.

Parker shares his personal journey, from growing up in an entrepreneurial family to finding his passion for business and money. He emphasizes the need to challenge limiting beliefs about money and develop a mindset of abundance and stewardship. Parker also provides practical advice on how to become better educated about finances, including finding mentors, consuming information, and taking action. This conversation is a must-watch for anyone looking to take control of their financial future and create a legacy of wealth.

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