Pay for Play Podcasts?

Pay for Play Podcasts?

Did you see this recent Bloomberg article about pay for play in the podcast world?

In the old world of Radio, it was called payola — “pay x number of dollars and we’ll promote you.” 

Lawsuits were in the millions in the the pay for play scandals of the 1970’s

The article cites several shows with high fees, some as much as $50,000 to appear on the show as a guest. We’ve actually booked some of the shows mentioned without paying the mentioned fees.


The right person, the right show, and the right pitch — our team has one of the best pitch copywriters in the business.

How It Works:

Paid for Play Podcasts:

You pay a fee for guaranteed placement. The media outlet must disclose, by FTC regulation that the post is paid for. So, that’s why you see some posts in places like Entrepreneur, INC and others with the words “Promoted Post” or “Paid Advertisement” at the top of the article; it’s pay for play, just like radio in the 70’s

Earned Media:

Either you or a public relations firm you hire constructs a campaign for a media outlet or podcast to want to speak with you. It’s the right positioning, the right pitch and the right media outlet (not every media outlet is the right one for every client) causing a media outlet to desire you. You or someone on your behalf “earns” it.


Why Does it Matter?

Frankly earned media looks more credible than paid, basically an ad. However, the issue in the podcast world right now is that there are a small number of shows (less than 1/2 of 1%) that are charging and not disclosing; that remains to be seen if the FTC will do anything.

Here’s the thing: they’re not charging everyone.

More often than not, it’s used as a barrier for someone they’re not interested in.

Besides the biggest shows, aren’t always even the right placement for you, it’s the right message to the right audience; sometimes those are small shows.


Why does a company like Command Your Brand exist?

Well for one, we’re not pay for play, we help you earn media.

Do we book you on podcasts and manage your calendar? Sure, we do that.
Here’s the bigger picture…

We position you correctly, with the right pitch (from expert copywriters) to have the right podcast to desire you. In addition, we teach you how to be the best interview that podcast ever had.

It matters to us you’re on the right show for you. It also matters to us, since our founder has had a high-rated podcast since 2014, that it’s the right guest for the podcast.

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