Podcast & Video Setup in 2023

Podcast & Video Setup in 2023

Dual Powerhouses for Brand Amplification

Amidst the exuberant dance of digital content, podcasts and videos emerge as the crescendos for audience engagement and brand resonance. As you stand at the cusp, deciphering the alchemy of Podcast & Video Setup becomes paramount.

This guide, refined and insightful, ensures your content not only sings in harmony with your brand’s voice but also positions you as an industry maestro.

Why Podcasting and Video Contents the Cornerstones?

1. Visibility and Credibility: Casting a vast net, these mediums sculpt your brand into an emblem of trust and expertise.

2. Cultivating Bonds: Memorable audio and visual narratives entwine the audience into lasting relationships, fortifying brand allegiance.

3. Untainted Canvas: These channels unfurl an authentic platform to weave your brand tales, untouched and undiluted.

Your Content Creation Compass

To orchestrate magnificence:

Hardware: Premier microphones for podcasts, cameras with impeccable clarity for videos, headphones, and a stalwart laptop are your anchors.

Software: Soundscapes sculpted with Adobe Audition or Audacity, and visual tales curated through Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro are pivotal. Platforms like Libsyn (for podcasts) and the quartet of YouTube, Rumble, Odyssey, and Bitchute (for videos) disseminate your symphonies to awaiting ears and eyes.

For a grand tour of elite tools and brands, venture here.

Video in 2023: Mastering YouTube and Venturing Beyond

The art of video in 2023:

Captivating Beacons: Videos enrapture, ensuring an indelible brand imprint.

SEO Lighthouses: Especially YouTube videos, illuminating your brand on the vast ocean of the internet.

Versatile Easel: Platforms range from TikTok’s concise tales to YouTube’s expansive epics.

YouTube Best Practices for 2023

Unwavering Cadence: Regular uploads cultivate a community awaiting your next note.

“Newflix-Style” Thumbnails: We’ve discovered that Newflix-inspired thumbnails draw the most engagement. Custom thumbnails that echo this style are known to captivate audiences and bolster engagements. Dive into Jeremy Ryan’s YouTube Channel for exemplars of this trend. Additionally, stay tuned! We’re crafting a dedicated training on sculpting impeccable thumbnails soon.

Lyrical Descriptions: Weave in keywords harmoniously, amplifying discoverability.

Dialogue Over Monologue: Foster conversations through comments and feedback.

Diversify with Rumble, Odyssey, and Bitchute: Harness YouTube’s integration, seamlessly echoing your videos on these platforms.


AI: Orchestrating Sublime Podcast & Video Post-Production

AI’s maestro touch:

Krisp.ai: Transforms chaotic recordings into serene symphonies, banishing unwanted noise.
Best Utilized: Ideal for podcasts in unpredictable environments.Descript: Allows the magic of textual edits post-transcription, simplifying the edit process.Best Utilized: For quick edits without delving into soundwaves. Edit text, and audio aligns.

Otter.ai: Composes real-time transcriptions, perfecting show notes or video annotations.
Best Utilized: Immediate transcription during live shows or interviews.

AI Video Tools such as Magisto and Clipchamp breathe life into your visuals, making video crafting an art of finesse and flair.
Best Utilized: When time is scarce but perfection non-negotiable, these tools automate the editing process, identifying key segments and optimal cuts.

For a curator’s collection of 2023’s finest AI tools, explore here.

A Symphony Awaits in the Audio-Visual Realm

2023 isn’t just about trends—it’s about transformation. Podcasting and video content, augmented by AI’s finesse, await your unique notes.

For an unparalleled crescendo, seek COMMAND YOUR BRAND. Revered for pioneering brands to the zenith of audio-visual content, we are your co-composers.

Schedule a free consultation and let’s co-create digital melodies.

Visit our website or book-a-call with our team and get started today!



1.The 2023 Rhapsody:
Audio and video content enchant audiences, captivating brands into center stage.2. The Prelude: No past sonnets needed. With the right mentor, your debut can be a magnum opus.

3. AI’s Crescendo: AI isn’t a mere instrument; it’s the conductor, ensuring each note, audio or visual, hits perfection.

4. Why Our Orchestra?: At COMMAND YOUR BRAND, expertise is our melody, innovation our rhythm.

5. Crafting Your Opus: Engage with us for a crafted consultation. Equipment, strategy, platforms—we tune it all.

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