131 Roger Wakefield | The Power of Trades: Revolutionizing the Industry

131 Roger Wakefield | The Power of Trades: Revolutionizing the Industry

About This Episode:
Roger Wakefield is The Master Plumber and inspiring entrepreneur, with over 40 years of plumbing expertise and every Texas state endorsement. He’s on a mission to showcase the trades as a lucrative and rewarding career.

As a successful YouTube content creator, speaker, and trainer, Roger not only shares valuable insights for aspiring plumbers and tradespeople but also empowers entrepreneurs to venture into social media marketing to grow their own businesses. He is the most viewed plumber on YouTube.

Roger is passionate about all things trades, firmly believing that tradespeople built America and deserve a new level of respect. He strives to create awareness and provide access to proven techniques, mindset skills, and action items to help individuals get into the trades, advance in their careers, and even start their own businesses, all of which can be life-changing.

What sets Roger apart is not just his expertise and insights, but his deep sense of responsibility and duty to uplift the trades and show appreciation to all blue-collar workers who protect the safety of this great nation.

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