126 Jay Abdulaziz | The Blueprint For A Thriving Online Business

126 Jay Abdulaziz | The Blueprint For A Thriving Online Business

About This Episode:
In this episode of the Command Your Brand Show, Jeremy Slate interviews Jay Abdulaziz, an insurance industry expert with over two decades of experience.

Jay shares his insights on creating more revenue and scaling offers through effective phone sales techniques. He reveals the secret sauce behind his success, emphasizing the importance of a scalable model and the power of soft skills in sales. Jay also discusses his unique approach to hiring, focusing on mindset, drive, and communication abilities rather than previous sales experience. He highlights the significance of quality control and offers strategies for dealing with slumps and challenges within a sales team. Additionally, Jay shares his number one lesson for entrepreneurs: strike while the iron’s hot. He emphasizes the importance of seizing opportunities and scaling businesses when all four pillars—lead generation, sales processes, recruiting, and retention—are thriving.

Don’t miss this episode to gain valuable insights into mastering the art of one-call closes and scaling your sales.

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