Unlock Your Brand Success: PR Retainer Costs Simplified

Unlock Your Brand Success: PR Retainer Costs Simplified

Decoding the Cost of PR Retainers

Let’s look at the behind-the-scenes of the fascinating realm of Public Relations (PR) retainer costs. As a savvy CEO or business owner, you understand the pivotal role PR plays in brand visibility, reputation, and growth. But when it comes to retainer costs, the terrain might seem perplexing. Fear not, for this article is your compass, navigating the sea of PR retainers to unveil the average costs, benefits, and expert insights you need.

The cost of PR in the US can vary significantly. Monthly retainers in PR agencies can range from $2,500 to $20,000 per month for most businesses. Large national and global PR agencies won’t consider a project for under $15,000 per month and up to $30,000-$50,000 per month for the biggest clients.

PR Services may include:

  • Media relations:
    – based on mutually beneficial interactions between journalists, editors, and public relations specialists.
    – sole purpose is to communicate a client’s relevant and newsworthy message in a suitable media outlet –  press, TV, radio, and the Internet. Typically, media placements are not promised on a monthly basis.
  • Content writing
    – producing marketing content such as blog posts, press releases, webpages or whitepapers to reach the targeted audience.
    – this aims to increase traffic to a client’s website and to fulfill certain marketing objectives.
  • Event presence
    – an opportunity to showcase a client to the general public and/or prospects and expand their network.
    – may also include inviting key media workers and thus aims to increment the client’s visibility in media.
  • Market research
    – often useful to prepare a brand to enter a given market.
    – consists of a thorough analysis of the presence of the brand and its competitors, as well as their presence in the media and social networks.
    – Research (e.g. surveys) can also be commissioned to a research agency to obtain valuable content that can attract the attention of the press and the client’s target audience.
  • Media training
    – aims to guide a client on how to interact with media.
    – improves clients’ communication skills and provides them with tools to deliver an effective and credible message helping to get more media coverage.
  • Reputation management
    – shaping positive public perception and opinion about a client.
    – consists in an active and regular monitoring of client’s mentions, mainly online, and reacting to them.

Note: These are some of the common services that a PR agency can offer/include in your package, to which the monthly retainer cost is subject to vary (source: https://enterie.com/pr-agency-usa/)

The Benefits of Having a PR Agency on Retainer

  • Navigating the PR Landscape with Expert Guidance
    Enlisting a PR agency on retainer isn’t merely a financial commitment; it’s a strategic partnership. Picture having a team of seasoned professionals who are dedicated to amplifying your brand’s voice, crafting compelling narratives, and strategically positioning your business in the limelight. As a CEO or small business owner, your expertise lies in your industry, not necessarily in the intricacies of PR. A PR agency brings a wealth of experience, industry insights, and an extensive network that can turbocharge your brand’s visibility.
  • Consistent Brand Messaging and Reputation Management
    Consistency is key in the world of business. A PR agency on retainer ensures your brand message remains cohesive across various channels and platforms. This consistency cultivates brand recognition, fosters trust among your audience, and shields your business from potential reputation pitfalls. In an era where public perception is everything, having experts to manage and enhance your brand’s reputation is an invaluable asset.

PR Through The Power of Podcasting

A Podcasting PR campaign offers a distinct edge over traditional methods by leveraging the power of digital connectivity. With the convenience of remote participation, visionary founders, like you, can engage in PR activities from the comfort of their homes, eliminating travel constraints. Moreover, the precision of targeting ensures that each podcast appearance reaches the right audience, amplifying impact as hosts and guests connect directly with their desired demographics on relevant platforms, enhancing engagement and influence with every episode.

If I Am to Retain a PR Agency (Through Podcasting), Who Should I Trust?

  • Unveiling Trustworthy Partners Through Podcast
    In a world brimming with PR agencies, selecting the right partner requires discernment. Imagine having a virtual mentorship session with industry giants like Neil Patel and Brian Dean through podcasting. This medium not only grants you access to their wisdom but also empowers you to gauge their expertise, authenticity, and alignment with your brand’s values. COMMAND YOUR BRAND always seek the right podcasts shows where you can share your brand along with industry trends of your expertise.
  • Harnessing the Power of Storytelling
    As a CEO or small business owner, you’re well-versed in the art of storytelling. COMMAND YOUR BRAND wants you to apply this skill to every time we get you on the right podcast shows. Engage with podcasts hosts and the audience for them to extract lessons from your journey, identify red flags, and gain a clearer understanding of your brand and industry.
  • Navigating Average PR Retainer Costs: Insights and Considerations
    As you tread the path of PR retainer costs, it’s essential to understand the factors that influence pricing. These factors vary based on the agency’s expertise, geographical location, industry focus, and the breadth of services offered. On average, PR retainer costs, as of 2023, can range from $2,000 to $20,000 per month – this is a ballpark figure, and the actual cost will depend on your specific needs and goals.
  • Partner with the Leading Authority in PR through Podcasting
    If you’re a visionary founder, choose COMMAND YOUR BRAND. With our monthly rate of an average of less than $1,500, we will help you make your impact on the world through the power of podcasting. With our dedicated team of experts, we will create the right pitch to get you on the right shows and be heard by the right audiences. We have serviced clients of different industries from different parts of the US and even from other countries.

Remember, the value of a PR agency on retainer extends far beyond financial investment. It’s a conduit to expanding your brand’s reach, enhancing reputation, and embracing a partnership that propels your business to new heights.

KPIs of a PR Podcast Campaign To Consider:

  1. Podcast Listener Growth:
    – Podcast listener growth measures the increase in the number of listeners and subscribers to your podcast after implementing the PR campaign.
    – We also monitor the total number of new subscribers, downloads, and listeners across episodes using podcast hosting platforms’ analytics, especially of your episode.
  2. Episode Downloads:
    – Episode downloads track the number of times individual podcast episodes have been downloaded and consumed by listeners.
    – We can calculate the total downloads for each of your published episodes to determine which content resonates most with the audience and aligns with the campaign’s objectives.
  3. Listener Engagement:
    – Listener engagement measures the level of interaction and engagement with your podcast content, including comments, shares, reviews, and social media mentions.
    – Monitoring your social media engagement metrics, comments on podcast platforms, and any direct interactions with listeners can also gauge the impact of your PR campaign’s efforts on audience engagement.
  4. Website Traffic and Referrals:
    – Similar to the general KPI, this measures the increase in website traffic resulting from your podcast PR campaign and tracks the number of visitors referred from podcast-related sources.
    – We can also use website analytics tools to identify the sources of referral traffic and track how many users landed on your website through podcast-related links.
  5. Guest Appearances:
    – This KPI tracks the number of guest appearances on other podcasts, showcasing the agency’s success in securing valuable guest opportunities.
    COMMAND YOUR BRAND keeps a record of the podcasts where our clients are featured, noting the episode, date, and context of the appearance.

So, Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth?

COMMAND YOUR BRAND‘s mission is to help visionary founders make their impact on the world. We offer choices for our prospects to make this happen. But the key is to really educate you on the in and outs of podcasting, so you can fully take advantage of its potential to impact your brand.

Training Courses

  • We can help you better understand, from starting a podcast to appearing on podcasts as a guest, so you can fully take advantage of the podcast world, through a variety of publications, live training, and training courses.
  • Cost: $100 – $500

Done-For-You Podcast PR Services

  • We handle everything to help you appear on the right podcasts as a guest and fully take advantage of the podcast world. We help to craft a campaign, and a message that helps you to make an impact. We’ll locate the right podcasts, schedule you on those shows, prep you and the host, and run your schedule through the entire campaign.
  • Average of 2 placements a month
  • Cost: Around $1,500/month

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Q1: What are the benefits of hiring a PR agency on retainer?
Hiring a PR agency on retainer offers consistent brand messaging, reputation management, industry insights, and a dedicated team of professionals working to amplify your brand’s voice.

Q2: What factors influence average PR retainer costs?
Factors include agency expertise, location, industry focus, and the scope of services offered. On average, PR retainer costs for small businesses range from $2,000 to $20,000 per month.

Q3: How can I connect with industry leaders through podcasting?
COMMAND YOUR BRAND will get you on the right podcast shows, allowing you to engage or be heard by industry giants that can share the valuable insights. Getting you on the right podcasts should be a priority for your PR agency selection process.

Q4: How can I schedule a free consultation to learn more?
Ready to embark on a journey of PR success? Schedule your free consultation today to explore how COMMAND YOUR BRAND‘s services can elevate your brand and business.


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